Whisky Review – Port Charlotte PC12 Oileanach Furachail (Bruichladdich)

Port Charlotte PC12 Oileanach Furachail (Bruichladdich)
58.7% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No added Colouring
~£110 available from Airports

Port Charlotte PC12 is the latest in the yearly releases from Port Charlotte. It’s another Travel Exclusive, which has give me a little frustration from my personal point of view, not being a frequent flier, but if you are going through duty free and see one. Check it out! Here’s my thoughts.


Now that is a meaty nose. Beefy. Oily. Rich. There’s a fair proportion of dark fruits from sherry maturation, but this hasn’t overwhelmed a deep, complex spirit. The smoke is more gentle than we’re used to from younger Port Charlotte’s. It’s gentle, a combination of bonfire and medicinal peat smoke, with some floral thrown in. Considering the near 60% strength it’s easy to get the nose in amongst the glass. We have moss, damp hay and some dunnage warehouse. With some added time we have touches of menthol. Vanilla, overripe melon, a smidge of orange and some pear. Very complex. Evolving quite significantly as I’m nosing it. Time will unlock more and more of the complexities.


Initially a blast of sweet and sour. Develops to sweet and rich. Earthy moss and smoke. Buckets of deep fruits, blackberry, raisin, melon, stewed berries and various jams. Crikey. It’s late 58.7%, that’s dangerously drinkable at full strength. Development further evolves into fruit and cream, with some thick honey, and floral heather. the mouthfeel is sublime, oily and coating all around.


Very long smokey as anything. This is where the smoke kicks in and retains added flavour, and sooooo long. Honey, toffee, some, smouldering heather. Then dirty mossy earth. Then…oh, I’m sipping again…warmth is in the chest, and the sweetness on the tongue remains. I could get really soppy with my comparisons now but I won’t, let’s just say it gets me right here *thumps at chest*

Adding water.

Better do the water thing because I am loosing track of the dram and there isn’t a lot left. Few drops added. Oh my. The nose has opened up to give more bonfire smoke, some added dust to the dunnage, the fruits are more forest based and vibrant. There is an added creaminess in the background of the nose now. Deep. So much going on here. Amazing. The palate is sweeter straight from the off, development gets smokier, the mouthfeel still very oily, some added grass and moss in the development, with the finish retaining lots of that smoke and fruit. With or without. Well, there is quite the difference, but this dram is very special neat. Horses for courses on the water debate with this one, try both then stick with the one you prefer. Personally….I can’t decide yet…need more!


This is a dram to loose time to. I maybe in the south west, but it is blowing a gale tonight and it’s bloody freezing in that wind, and this dram hits all the spots. In truth it would hit the spot any night. It’s rich, very well constructed, tastes glorious and gives an amazing feelgood factor. Considering the relative young age of the whisky, this has an awesome amount of complexity. It’s not a cheap bottle for sure, but this isn’t for glugging back, this is a savouring dram, a time taker, a life enhancer.

Thanks to Bruichladdich for providing a review sample. Now I’m going to have to get on a plane. :-/