Whisky Review – Aultmore 12 year old

Aultmore 12 year old
46% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£41.95 from The Whisky Exchange


Clean and fresh. Crisp apples. Sweet barley. There’s a yeasty ale note to this nose. Bread rising. Some pears. Light oak spices. Cinnamon. Tiny hint of clove. Lemon drops (boiled sweets). Creamy custard. Vanilla. A nicely complex yet clean nose.


Clean and crisp goes onto the palate theme as well. The arrival is sweet and sour. Development moves into a little alcohol spicy warmth, settles into fruit salad (apples & pears, touch of citrus), with some watered down custard. Vanilla. Touch of cinnamon and pepper spices. A little oak in the late development, along with earthy moss.


Light and damp mossy grass like qualities hang around for a medium length finish. With some cereal grain and vanilla cream. Dry at the very end with a touch of oak.

Adding water.

A few drops added into the mix. Still a very crisp and clean nose on this one, with some added floral and moss now. The palate reflects this. Replacing the alcohol hit with some really chewy vanilla toffee and fudge effects, a little water goes a long way in this dram. The finish seems a little longer to me, continuing those toffee/fudge notes ending in a pleasant bitter toffee which does make you want more. Go for water on this dram.

Conclusion and comparison (12yo, 21yo & 25yo)

First off again. I MUST commend Aultmore for their craft presentation. 46%. Non chill filtered. No added colouring. These are basic traits that should be a part of every whisky, but are not. Every distillery who releases their products should be applauded.

So, in conclusion. For the most complex and intriguing experience there is no doubt but to go for the 25 year old, it’s really fabulous stuff. But it comes with that price tag, so it’s a matter of if you can afford it. And I have to say the 21 year old is rocking as well, but again on the expensive (but could be worse) side of things. The 12 year old is my personal pick though. It’s still a little expensive for a 12 year old whisky, but it is lovely, and with a splash of water, it’s really excellent, beautiful experience.

Many thanks to Aultmore for the review sample


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