Whisky Review – Clynelish 14 year old

Clynelish 14 year old
46% ABV
£37.45 from MasterOfMalt

Another standard bottling to fill in a gap in the supermarket regular malts. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while as I’ve tried a few independent Clynelish bottlings at whisky shows and always enjoyed them. This is a first for the standard official bottling for me.

Curiously bottled at 46% you would presume this maybe non-chill filtered, but there is nothing on the bottle/box to clarify this. Therefore I’m not putting it on the review. I’d love an official comment to clarify if this is NCF though.


A deep floral concentrated, fruity complex nose. Orange blossom. Vanilla. Rich toffee. Citrus, lemon and orange juice. Sponge cake. Light oak spices. Aniseed. Malt cereal and biscuit. A little coconut. It’s a really lovely nose you can spend absolutely ages getting off of.


Sweet and sour arrival. Some saltiness. Bitter citrus and honey, developing into chewier toffee, a slight alcohol nip, then more vanilla comes forward and some sponge cake, with some light jamminess.


Medium. Some pepper spices, oak, a touch of bitter dry treacle. Drying out nicely with touches of oak and sawdust.

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose is now slightly less juicy, more floral with some added strength to the spices. The palate is lighter in the mouthfeel, but has more of the juices now, with a very nice spicy fruit chutney development, the finish is fruitier and spicier and is absolutely lovely! One to add some drops too but not a lot.


The nose is absolutely wonderful, let down slightly with a less complex palate, and a few bitter notes. With water it becomes a very nice whisky indeed, one I would recommend to a whisky drinker who has passed their introductions to single malts and want a little more of a challenge with their malt journey.

From my own stash


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