Whisky Review – Bunnahabhain 25 year old

Bunnahabhain 25 year old
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
46.3% ABV
£218.00 from Master of Malt

The premium flagship of the official Bunnhabhain range. Presented in a lovely wooden box, this dram exudes luxury and demands attention. Let’s give it some.


Lovely dark mahogany. With a hint of orange.


Dusty Cocoa. Loads of chocolate. Chocolate cake, with fresh cream on top. Some slightly underripe banana. Sweet sticky sherry. Coffee mocha. Plums. Sultanas. Gentle christmas spices. Touches of aniseed. Hints of wood char. Lovely, well constructed nose. Time in the glass gives more sherry. Still a very intensive chocolatey malt experience.


The arrival is very sweet honey with dusty dark chocolate. The texture is lovely and smoothly silk like. Development continues into sweet chocolate bar territory. Caramel, brown sugar, Milky Way bars, a touch of chocolate covered bananas, mixed fruit, and then late in the development there is a touch of nuttiness. It’s a very intense palate, the likes of which I’ve not experienced as of yet. Dreamy.


The finish is drying, nutty, a little chocolate with some oak. Dark roasted coffee grinds. Continuing to a drying oak finale.

Adding water.

A tiny drop added. On the nose the chocolate has got milkier. There is some fresh bread mix notes now. Malty, with some bakers yeast. The palate is fruitier, more sherried dark fruits and berries now there is still some coffee and mocha, but is tonned down by some integrated fruits and malt. The finish is both sweet and dry, slightly longer, with dusty chocolate, honey and a touch of oak.


A beautifully constructed official bottling. Having tried several Bunnahabhains I have to say, and with little surprise, this is my favourite of the official bottlings. It’s a pricy bottle, but the quality is most definitely there. When I want to seriously treat myself, should I ever afford it, this is high on my list of options. Glorious stuff.

My own stash, from a bottle share with friends a while back.


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