Whisky Review – Wemyss – Kirsch Gateau – Bunnahabhain 1988

Wemyss – Kirsch Gateau – Bunnahabhain 1988
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
Distilled 1988 – bottled 2014 (25/26 year old)
56% ABV
£110.00 where you can find it.

One of the latest outturn of Wemyss’ single cask releases. I couldn’t resist this ones colour and name. Had to be tried. Yummmmm.


Beautifully dark mahogany with some red highlights. Slightly darker than the 25 year old OB.


Abundant old sherry. Lots of sherry indeed (some would say too much – not me!). Wemyss knows how to name their whiskies. Because there is lots of juicy rum drenched cherries and a chocolatey cake note about this whisky. There is also a touch of banana cake, again, drenched in alcohol. But it’s a subtle alcohol, in fact, tasted blind, I could not recognise this as a 56% ABV. Tonnes of rich, mature fruit, cherries, oranges, plump sultanas, all very very juicy. Christmas cake, this is a super Xmas dram. Light cloves, cinnamon, Xmas spices. Just lovely and juicy, rich and warming. It’s a soulful nose, sniffing forever would be heaven.


Sweet, punchy arrival. Loads of juicy intensive dark fruits, cherries right up front, sultanas, a touch of bitter chocolate, lots of fruitcake and spice. It’s lively and an absolutely massive sherry bomb. It’s a sherry nuke. We have a bunch of pepper, hot cinnamon, clove. The mouthfeel is very thick, coating and oily. There is some slight oily nuts, Brazil, wallnuts.


Sweet, then drying. Long duration. Lots of chocolate, nuts, Christmas cake and sherried dark fruits. Drying out with some oak tannins and nuts.

Adding water.

A good few drops added. The nose has more chocolate notes, still a fair bit of sherry, but it is more like the official 25 yo bottling at a diluted strength. The palate is juicier, a load of fruit there, again cherry juice well up front and intensive, more chocolate on the palate also, it’s definitely now Kirsch Gateau on the palate. The finish is juicy, clean, bloody, bloody tasty. Last for ages and just demands more sips. It’s a fantastic dram with a touch of water.


Amazing stuff. It’s very comparable to well matured Glendronach single casks. But with touches of Bunnahabhains trademark banana notes thrown in. A 25/26 year old Bunnahabhain single cask for £110? Bloody bargain. This is selling out quickly. Search and buy if you fancy this. Do, or do not, or it will be gone.

My own stash, from a recent bottle share.


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