Whisky Review – Wemyss – Caribbean Creme – Invergordon 1988

Wemyss – Caribbean Creme – Invergordon 1988
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
Distilled 1988 – bottled 2014
46% ABV
~£82.28 from Master of Malt

One of the latest outturn of Wemyss’ single cask releases. The complete list of single malts include cask strength Kirsch Gateau 1988 single cask from Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay; Cacoa Geyser 1998 single cask from Bowmore Distillery, Islay; Snuffed Candle 1999 single cask from Aberfeldy Distillery, Highlands; Dark Treacle Fondant 2002 single cask Craigellachie Distillery, Speyside; Honeysuckle Bower 1995 single cask from Linkwood Distillery, Speyside; and Carribean Crème 1988 single cask from Invergordon Distillery.


Vanilla and coconut cream! Coconut flesh, milk, shell. The whole thing. Buttery popcorn, which gets richer the more air that the dram gets. Lots of custard. Some pepper and nutmeg. Quite the egg custard tart going on. Including some fresh shortcrust pastry. Lots of fresh pastries. Sugary marshmallow, reminds me of snowball cakes. Some light milk, borderline white chocolate. Touches of oak dust. But all about the sweet confectionary.


Sweet sweet sweet arrival. Lots of sweetcorn, vanilla, sweet desiccated coconut. Chocolate, marshmallow, buttered popcorn. The development continues this thick creamy theme, layers of buttery creamy vanilla, custard and pastry goodness comes forth, a lovely viscous mouthfeel accompanying this. Some memories of Krispy Kreme coconut cream donuts. With some nutmeg, sweet cinnamon and pepper spices combined. Lovely.


Very long. Continuing the theme. Sweet. Lots of coconut cream, vanilla, sweet, peppery spices and chocolate. This is confectionary paradise. A lovely gentle chest warming shows the age through and gives a feelgood factor and a grin!

Adding water.

Only a couple drops. Conscious of age and the fact I’m loving it as it is! Things are more saccharine sweet. The nose has a touch more dusty spice with an increase in the coconut intensity. The palate also has more of a coconut intensity to it, with some of the more subtle complexities simplified into the coconut forefront. The finish again, sweeter, slightly shorter with more of a meringue note. Personally I feel water lessens the complexities and I would not dilute this one.


A lovely example of an older grain whisky. Showing that grain whisky can be great when properly matured. I love the confectionary sweetness, I would say it is one of the sweetest whiskies I have tried, and I have a sweet tooth! So it’s right up my alley!

Much thanks to Wemyss for providing me with a review sample.


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