Whisky Review – Wemyss – Snuffed Candle – Aberfeldy 1999

Wemyss – Snuffed Candle – Aberfeldy 1999
Non-Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
Distilled 1999 – bottled 2014
46% ABV
~£89.00 where you can find it.

One of the latest outturn of Wemyss’ single cask releases. The complete list of single malts include cask strength Kirsch Gateau 1988 single cask from Bunnahabhain Distillery, Islay; Cacoa Geyser 1998 single cask from Bowmore Distillery, Islay; Snuffed Candle 1999 single cask from Aberfeldy Distillery, Highlands; Dark Treacle Fondant 2002 single cask Craigellachie Distillery, Speyside; Honeysuckle Bower 1995 single cask from Linkwood Distillery, Speyside; and Carribean Crème 1988 single cask from Invergordon Distillery.


Waxy orange pith. Lots of vanilla. Cinnamon. Winter spices. Apple. Candied fruits. The name of the whisky is very apt, because it is very much reminding me of a scented candle. There is also a touch of smoke and wood char which would go with the snuffed element of that name! Time in the glass releases more fruits, pineapple cubes, touches of cola, a little more pepper, wax polish and some delicate oak.


Sweet, waxy arrival, tropical fruits, pineapple, mango, apple, some candied orange peel. The development gives a little pepper spice bite, evolving into more fruit layers with some spicy interactions, more orange, vanilla, a touch of clove all the time very waxy and fulfilling in the mouthfeel. There is a smoky element to the development, wood smoke and charred oak.


The fruit and spices stick around for a medium length finish, drying out slowly with touches of oak char at the very end.

Adding water.

Only a few drops added as this is very drinkable at the bottled strength. Wow. The water has unleashed extra fruity layering. The fruits are far more vibrant now, with the dried and sugared pineapple chunks taking centre stage, wax, orange, apple, pears are also amongst the mix. Lots of sugar. Pepper. Sweet liquorice. Sweet cinnamon, almost Cinnabun cream. Vanilla cream. Bloody lovely. The palate reflects this, fruit juices exploding in the mouth, with some spicy backing making the whole event bigger. The development has some drier elements now, and the finish is slightly drier, and it works very well. Definitely a dram to add a few drops to.


Fruity, juicy, with some complex spicy waxy candied fruit, I would say aged very well, feeling older than its actual years. Very tasty, easy drinker which I could happily sip all night long.

Much thanks to Wemyss for providing me with a review sample.


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