Whisky Review – Highland Park Odin

Highland Park Odin
Non-Chill Filtered (assumed – nothing on label)
No Added Colouring (assumed – nothing on label)
16 years old
55.8% ABV
£180 from Master of Malt
It’s sold out pretty much everywhere in the UK as far as I know, always the possibility of a purchase from overseas though.

The final entry in Highland Park’s Valhalla range is upon us and it promises to be a monster of a dram. It’s the priciest entry at a retail price of £180.00. And as the previous entries have done more trading on the auction markets than have been opened and enjoyed, I would suspect nothing less from this one. I’m more about the whisky though, so I’m glad to have had the opportunity through bottle sharing to open one myself. The packaging has to be spoken of. The wooden frame, this time in black, looks great. And the bottle itself, a dark, shiny embossed black, with some metal enhancements showing the name, and the Odin moniker is fantastic, as is the shiny chrome topped cork. It’s collectible and will remain in the collection anyway as a statement to fantastic bottling at its best. But you know, it’s not all about the packaging. Let’s have a sip.


A nutty, sweet sherry is first to come to mind. A touch of pleasant rubber (on the end of your pencil). Some pepper. Cinnamon. A smidge of clove. There is a little smoke, but it’s more of a burning oak, some pencil shavings smouldering. Fruitcake. Rum and raisin. There’s a nice full sensory roundness to the nose. It reeks of good quality. Some polished oak comes forward in time and more sherry notes, with less of the rubber. There are touches of evergreen now. Some richer fudge and rum truffle notes. Some light chocolate. Very relaxing and authoritative.


The arrival is sweet sherry fruits, then a big bash of sweet spice, not alcohol heat so much but spicy flavour. Chilli. Pepper. Alcohol infused rich fruitcake, heavy on the cherries. The development goes into more fruitiness, with sherried dark fruits, cherries, cloves, spicy cinnamon, some sulphurous elements, but not in a nasty way, the light gunpowder compliments very well with the deep fruitiness very well.
There is a feelgood factor hitting the development-finish of this dram, as I can only describe as a big smile involuntarily hitting my face!


Sherry sweetness and dry nuttiness side by side, medium-long length finish. Some juicy cherry, fruitcake, some charred oak spices. Leather and spicy fruit. Touches of chocolate and fruity toffee intermixed. Fruity cherry coke burps come later! 🙂

Adding water.

A few drops added to what I have left of my dram. Cherries are very upfront of the nose now. Loads of fruit in fact. Heavenly. Rum and raisin, fruitcake. Some menthol is now present also. Some dusty oak. The palate is juicier and fresher now, full of fruit and spice still, but more integrated throughout the arrival and development. The cherry notes are really prominent and hitting the back of the throat, like mentholated cherry throat sweets. The finish is sweeter and longer, with all of that fruit sticking around giving one almightily beautiful aftertaste. This is dangerously moreish for a drop of water, sipped til dry very quickly! Gorgeous stuff.


Wow. Fantastic dram, very unique for a Highland Park. It has some massive flavours and big characteristics to explore, with water it becomes softer but bigger, less spice but tonnes of fruit. So very flavoursome and exciting. If you have bought a bottle and it wouldn’t hurt you to open it and enjoy it, then do so. You won’t be disappointed. This Is an awesome experience, and one you will be able to remember for years with the bottle and stand adorning your household even though the liquid is long devoured.

Much thanks to Highland Park for providing me with a review sample.


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