Whisky Review – Talisker 10 Year Old

Talisker 10 Year Old
45.8% ABV
£33.95 from Master of Malt

I haven’t reviewed this whisky, but have enjoyed it for many years. As we have the new release of Talisker Skye, I thought it hide time I review this and side by side it with the new expression.
Lighter than Skye, so I would assume less colouring. 
Quite different compared to Skye, more intense on the spicy smoke. More oak. BBQ glazed mackerel.  In your backyard bonfire. Cracked black pepper. Salty sea air. Much more maritime and reminiscent of a seaside fishing village. Less sweet than Skye and more intrinsically complex and sniffable. We have light citrus, some apples in the background, some berries in the background. The fruit is very much hidden away amongst the bonfire. 
Sweet, spicy, big black pepper arrival. Chewy. The development is more seamless, without a big alcohol nip (unlike Skye). Lots of maritime notes, salt, barbecue crispy fish skin, aniseed, star anise, complex spice, creamy caramel, there is a overall creaminess to the palate not in Skye, there is sweetness here, but it’s not in your face, it’s in balance with the salt, smoke and other complexities. Much more of a challenging palate, gets you thinking and exploring
Medium length, sweet and drying, crisp. Salt. Brine. Chocolate, berries, ripe apples, pears, some oak. A little more BBQ, complex and enjoyable. More rewarding and feelgood.
Adding water.
A few drops added. I don’t know if it’s my eyes or the lighting, but it looks like a little haze in my glass?! The nose is still Talisker through and through with some added floral. The smoke is slightly diminished, but still lots of maritime fun to be had. The palate, is sweeter, but development still comes layers of fruit, dark fruits, smoke, oak, salt, BBQ, lots of complexity. The finish is sweeter, but still satisfying, warming, and all round Talisker. 
It’s Talisker. I named my cat Talisker for a reason, and this whisky is that reason.  It’s awesome, tasty, complex, characterful, and has a really bushy tail. May have got confused there a bit. All except for the last thing. It’s a great whisky. There is no rumour of its demise in favour of the other expressions out there, but I may just stock up a few extra bottles…just in case. 
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it several times. 46%. Non-chill filtered. No colouring. Please. Your as near as dammit to 46% anyway, surely obliterating the chill filtration would save you money in the production process anyway!!!
Comparison. Skye vs. 10 year old. 
It comes down to the most simplistic question. Do you want complex or easy drinking? If you want easy go Skye! If you want to taste your whisky, feel your whisky, and take your time. Go for the 10 year old. 
My own bottle….more Talisker expressions to come. 

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