Whisky Review – Monkey Shoulder

Monkey Shoulder
40% ABV
£24.46 from MasterOfMalt

Monkey shoulder is a repetitive strain injury sustained by the malt men who spend their lives turning the malted barley day in and day out. I tried turning malted barley once, I wasn’t very good at it!
It’s also a brand of blended malt whisky.  Coming from the William Grant & Sons camp, this blended malt is made up from Glenfiddich, Balvenie & Kininvie whiskies. 
Fresh. We have Apples, stewed and spicy. Cinnamon. Creamy vanilla. Sweet and nicely honeyed malt. With some time we get some pear drops, sherried fruits, sweet liquorice, candied orange peel and touches of oak. This dram does benefit immensely with some air and time to settle down. 
Immediately sweet, then spicy arrival. Lots of honey, and runny caramel. The development moves into the spicy fruit areas.  Some sherried berries and apples taking the front, with the sweet cinnamon coming later on, all the while there is a creamy texture. Some oak spice further in the development and a tang of oak. 
Short length, honey and spice. Doesn’t stay around too long unfortunately.
Adding water.
I don’t think this will benefit from dilution, but I’ll add a couple of drops in the interest of  interest. The nose is weakened, a touch of floral, but any punch it had is weakened significantly. The water has the same effect on the palate as the nose, weakened, and touches of bitterness in the end development. The finish is watery wi some spice. Don’t add water to this one, it ruins it. 
A very pleasant blended malt whisky. This is marketed towards more of the mixing and cocktail front of things, but I think it’s a perfectly good session whisky, or a starter for the palate before a tasting.  It would be very interesting to try a older aged version, or a slightly higher ABV version? 🙂 
Thanks to Monkey Shoulder for the official sample.