Whisky Review – The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve

The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve
40% ABV
£32.00 from Asda

More controversy with this dram. The Glenlivet have discontinued their 12 year old expression in favour of a NAS “Founder’s Reserve”. While one would seem increasing. The retail price just slightly.  Well, whisky is popular, and if I could make more money out of what I do as a day job because of demand, I certainly would! Anyway. Let’s taste it. 
Sweet. Very sweet. Toffee in abundance, honey and a touch of milk chocolate. Some stewed apple. Orange. Sweet cinnamon. Light pepper. Very pleasant nose, very Glenlivet. Very straightforwardly appealing. 
Sweet orange arrival turning into bitter orange during the development. With some toffee, lots of honey and some pepper spice.  Slightly more spice than I can remember from the 12 year old. 
Short. Oranges, spice, drying out with bitter honey. Simple but moreish. 
Adding water.
Now, I remember (it’s why I write reviews) that a drop of water improved the 12. I’m only going to add a drop here and see if we have the same effect. The nose is quite diminished, only the concentration of honey really present now and weaker. The palate is weaker, more immediately bitter toffee, with bitterness really being the theme, and the finish as well, bitter, toffee…don’t water it. Not even a drop!
From memory this is very very similar to the 12 year old.  A little more alcohol bite in the palate, and a slightly more bitter twang in the finish. Still, it is a very honest and straightforward whisky. As long as you do not dilute It’s an easy drinking, perfectly pleasant and non-offensive whisky. I wouldn’t mind having this as a session whisky, but it’s not one to really think a lot about.  
From memory as well (I really need to open a 12 to confirm) this seems slightly lighter in colour, so I don’t know if they are holding off on the colouring, which isn’t a bad thing.