Whisky Review – Tomatin Cask Strength

Tomatin Cask Strength
58.5% ABV
Non Chill Filtered
No Added Colouring
£44.99 when available 
This Cask Strength Tomatin is now added to the core range, and quite frankly something that had been missing.  I’m very pleased to see Tomatin taking this move and can’t wait to try it. Each batch will be around 15000 bottles. Again. Enough waiting already. Taste time. 

Closed initially. Fresh bread dough. Quite spicy, with white pepper. Some pine and cedar wood. It has some nuttiness, walnuts. Requires some time in the glass most definitely. More sweetness is coming through, citrus fruits and some brown sugar. Another 10 minutes in the glass and things are starting to wake up. Lemon peel and juice. Light pine wood. There’s a yeasty dough, like bread rising. Some real ale notes. Some sweet toasted caramel. Background sherry notes, some light raisin. Some dusty whisky warehouses. Also fresh herbal notes, parsley. Fascinating, complex stuff. 
The arrival is sweet and sour with some immediate sherried fruits. The high ABV hits, but isn’t as destructive as I thought it would be, quickly subsides, and we have a very fruity dram going on. Juicy oranges and lemons. Some thick chewy toffee. The mouth feel is costing and glorious. Syrupy goodness with caramel and some oat cakes. As the development continues we get some drier notes and pleasant bitterness, some burnt toast and vanilla. Also some pencil shavings. Nicely complex and developmental palate. 
Reasonably smooth considering the ABV, medium length, dried fruit, drying oak and some herbs, with a spicy peppery undertone. 
Adding water.
Added a small splash. The nose is sweeter, boiled golden syrup sponge cake. Rolled porridge oats. Pine wood. With the fruit going to the background. The palate is sweet, complex fruits, oak and sweet cake mix. Still oh so thick around the mouth. Getting creamier now, more vanilla.  The finish is warming and vibrant with creamier oak and vanillas.  Going to add a dash more water. More vanilla sponge cake and less fruit on the nose, with the palate becoming more creamy, loads of vanilla cake and ice cream, with a side of apple and pear compote. The finish is creamy and light, warming and moreish. Lovely stuff. 
This is a fantastic addition to Tomatin’s range. I’m already a big fan of the Legacy, 14 year old port wood and 30 year old, and this is just great stuff. Complex and explorable, this is no quick drink, this is something to experiment with the water levels, take a lot of time and savour.  An essential Tomatin buy. 
Much thanks to Tomatin for the review sample.