Whisky Review – Mortlach 22 year old – Platinum Old and Rare (Hunter Laing)

Mortlach 22 year old – Platinum Old and Rare (Hunter Laing)
56.8% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
£335.00 from The Whisky Shop
Only 120 bottles came out of the sherry butt used to mature this 22 year old Mortlach. It’s quite an exclusive whisky, and the price reflects this.  More importantly how is the quality. Let’s check it out. 
Intense intense intense. Meaty and complex. Old dusty museums. Polished mahogany. There is some gunpowder from a freshly fired shotgun (dissipates in minutes). Rum infused fruitcake. Sherry soaked grapes. Beef jerky. Dusty libraries. Sticky glacé cherries. Cloves. Sweet toffee. Soft caramel. It’s an awesome nose, shows some good ageing while being a massive sherry bruiser. Could sniff this for a millennia. 
Juicy arrival. Really juicy. Lots of cherry juice. Grape. Sherry. A tingle of alcohol later and we get more layers of fruitiness, fruitcake, some nuts, more raisins becoming a little drier with touches of effervescence. 
Medium to long length. Fruitcake and cherries dissolves quite quickly and leaves some lovely juicy old sherry oak behind, slowly drying out, some spicy light meaty Mortlach signature remains for a good while. 
Adding water.
Adding only a few drops to this older malt. Oh this nose is glorious. With a drop of water (not too much) we have some lovely integration. Lots of old polished oak and fruity cakey sherry gloriousness. The depth of the aromas is what comes of a whisky of this age and is what you pay for. The aromas literally swim gently around your senses. Amazing experience. The palate has faired just as well, with an immensely deep and fruity experience. Less spicy than the undiluted variant. This cherry laden alcohol infused fruitcake is stunningly rich and moreish. The finish remains fruity with reduced spice.
What an amazing whisky experience. It really is a lovely, old aged sherry bomb of a whisky. The only quibble I have is the price. It is quite the expensive whisky, considering there was a 21 year old Mortlach on the Douglas Laing Director’s cut range for around £140 a year or so back, which I also loved immensely. If you can afford this, and you like big, brash, old sherry beasties then it does come recommended. 

Thanks to the W Club for providing a sample as part of their Tasting Club.