Whisky Review – Cambus Sovereign 1964 – 50 year old

Cambus Sovereign 1964 – 50 year old
49.2% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
£420.00 from The Whisky Shop
This will be the oldest grain whisky I have tasted to date. Very exciting to try. 
On first pouring we have a lot of acetone. Wood thinners. Thick oak spices. A sweet presence of sugared popcorn and butter. Some very creamy vanilla custard. Spiced stewed apples. Creamy coconut milk soaked coconut flesh.  Exceedingly deep, pungent and mesmerising nose. Going to let it settle a bit. With time some of the acetone/wood glue notes subside a little and there is a more creamy thick nose. There is more of a Madeira cake mix presence now alongside the butter/cream, corn and custard notes. There is now more polished oak furniture. Immense stuff. 
Holy holy whoh. That is big. Big, massive deep flavoursome complexity. Lots of oak, but then buckets of cream, buttery toast, thick Devon vanilla pod infused custard. Creamed corn. Coconut. Some oak char. Some strawberry jam. Hints of oranges.   There is no burn of alcohol whatsoever. The mouth feel while not being overly viscous does travel the extremities very easily. Very very sweet, chewy and delicious. 
Very long length full finish. Dusty oak.  Lots of sweet vanilla and creamy custard. Some berry jam, or maybe a touch of marmalade. Coconut again and touches of oak and burnt toast. It’s still sweet and flavoursome in the finish, not a lot of drying out, just deftly smooth and heavenly. The finish leaves a resoundingly warm sensation deep in the chest and provides a massive feel good factor. The sweet vanilla coconut taste remains on the tongue for an absolute age. 
Adding water.
Literally a drop added. If I couldn’t think this whisky could be nicer i was wrong in some ways! The added drop of water has concentrated the age on the nose, so more of the acetone and polished oak is forefront with the sweet creamy majority of the aromas taking a back step.  The palate….amazing…so much deeper and creamier, the mouthfeel is more luscious and viscous now, the flavours are so sublime and deep. Not a great deal of change in the flavours more the coating and experience being improved by 20%. The finish does have the tiniest bitter orange/marmalade note mid finish now. 
Oh my oh my. This is a tremendous whisky. Absolutely delightful in many ways. So very flavoursome, clearly luxurious and does give a feeling of excellence. Personally I would love to have this whisky, but there’s no way I could afford the extravagance personally. Saying that a little of this whisky goes a long way. I spent 2 hours on the sample I had and enjoyed every second of experience. On those grounds I would say it’s excellent value for money. A decent win on the lottery however and I would be all over this in a heartbeat. Thoroughly recommended to those who have the budget.  Don’t forget to share! 🙂

I feel very spoilt. Much thanks to the W Club for providing a sample as part of their Tasting Club.