Whisky Review – Tamdhu Batch Strenth

Tamdhu Batch Strenth
58.8% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
£56.00 from Master of Malt
More sherry bombing nonsense. 🙂 I like them though, so here we go with another one. Exciting stuff, I really like the Tamdhu 10 year old, but felt it could have had a little more punch, stronger ABV and non-chill filtration. And guess what we have here! Well, it isn’t 10 years old, it’s a NAS, but it is sherry cask matured, cask strength, non-chill filtered and no colouring! I’m excited. Let’s do this. 
Fudge! Lots of confectionary. Fudge dominates. We also have milk chocolate, honey and caramel. It’s surprisingly not that fruity, the sweet sugary confectionary goodness is well and truly dominant, that’s not a bad thing though, I’ve never experienced quite the intensely thick fudginess that this dram provides. There’s some morning coffee biscuits and a touch of nuttiness in the background. 
That sweet sticky fudge is right on the offset of the arrival. Then some quite hot spices from the high ABV. Taking a while to fade, then bringing more fudge, chocolate and honeycomb. Some nuts come forward during the development along with a little ginger and clove. 
Medium length finish. Ginger spice sticks around for a while as does the heat from the alcohol. We finalise with some vanilla fudge and a hint of chocolate. 
Adding water.
This does need some water. So a fair dollop added. The nose becomes a little lighter with water, lighter milk chocolate, more honeycomb now, it is very crunchie bar. The palate reflects these changes, much less heat now, so a creamier experience is had. Lots of chocolate, fudge, honey, all very thick on the palate and chewy. Lovely. The finish is creamy, and chocolatey. Still has some youth about it with some heat coming through. 
This is a chocolate lovers whisky! Lots of chocolate and fudgey goodness. Definitely good for someone on a diet who’s missing their sweet treats!  On comparison with an opened bottle of Aberlour a’bunadh I find this dram concentrated on the confectionary and lacking in the fruit that the a’bunadh has in abundance. I think that’s a very good thing, there are some definitive differences between the sherry bombs I have tried this week. This stands out as a special whisky for me, and I will be following the batches with great interest in the future. 

My own bottle.