Whisky Review – Glengoyne 21 Year Old

Glengoyne 21 Year Old
43% ABV
No added colouring
£37.95 from The Whisky Exchange (20cl)
£110.00 from The Whisky Exchange (70cl)
I like Glengoyne. They produce some quality, traditional malts, and you cannot go wrong with any of their official bottlings. Today I’m finally having a proper go at the 21 year old. Looking forward to it immensely. 
Heavily sherried thick dark berry fruits. Plump raisins, figs, apricot, some orange peel. Loads of Christmas cake. More orange juice now after a few minutes. This is one of those whiskies that needs lots of time, it evolves in the glass immensely, and therefore it’s worth taking time, letting it breath and really enjoying the whole experience. With that additional time we get more depth to the sherry notes, loads of fruit cake. Pepper and clove spices, crystallised ginger. Thick, sweet, chewy toffee, heavy honey. Now there is even more varied fruit, more varied forest fruits, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, lovely stuff. Lots of complexity and evolution.  More confectionary coming through now, chocolate shop stuff, caramel, fudge, loads of fattening glory. 
Oooo, all that lovely sherried fruits are coming through, thick and luscious.  It doesn’t have the thickest mouthfeel, but it is still nicely oily and mouthcoating. Lots of lovely forest fruit jams, toffee, honey, brown sugar, fruitcake. Lovely quality sherried dram, with no hint of sulphur.  Some light orange juice coming through, with some lovely creamy fudge notes. There is a lot to this whisky. Awesome stuff.  Absolutely no alcohol nip at all, it’s beautifully drinkable and enjoyable. 
Long length finish. The fruit jams and fruitcake make way to Barley sugar notes. Touches of werther original sweets and some lovely sherry oak dustiness at the very end. 
Adding water.
Literally a drop. Wow, more depth now, more age, some polished oak, the depth of the sherry oak is much more enhanced for that drop of water. The fruit jam has intensified, the toffee has just been thickened and made creamier with some added spice zing. The palate is just bloody glorious. The dials are all up to 11, sweet, thick intensive vanilla spiced toffee, honey, fudge, well done caramel. Very berry jam, lots of strawberry, sweet caramelised raspberries, chocolate, marmalade.  Exceptionally complex and delightful. The finish, extra long now, retains so much confectionary and fruit jam for absolutely ages. Warming deep down, proper hugging, feel good whisky. 
I’m in love with this dram. Seriously so. I’ve been a sherried whisky fan since the beginning, but this comes down to the ultimate in terms of satisfaction, drink ability, enjoyability and overall best experience going. It’s not a cheap whisky. But it is absolutely quality and well worth the money. If you want to treat yourself and you are a bit of a sherry head when it comes to your whiskies. You cannot fail with this bottle. It’s also available as a 20cl and you know what, more distilleries should do this with their older whiskies. It’s the way I got to try it in the first place, and it resulted in a full bottle purchase! 
From my own stash.