Whisky Review – The Girvan Patent Still 25 year old Single Grain Whisky

The Girvan Patent Still 25 year old Single Grain Whisky
42% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
Available for £245 from Master of Malt
Time for another Girvan Patent Still single grain whisky. This time 25 years old. A significant jump in age from the non-aged No 4 Apps, and a significant jump in price. Let’s sip on. 
Rich vanilla straight from pouring and touches of nail varnish and some wood glue. Immediately and obviously more aged than No4. Very evident in terms of oak spices present. The fruit is more boiled bad own. Apples, pears and some oranges. Some light pepper and a hint of cinnamon. Touches of spearmint. Some thick caramel and a whiff of grated white chocolate. There is more prominent oak, some sawdust. Nice, complex stuff. 
Thick, rich and sweet arrival. Deep boiled fruits, apples, some berries, oranges. All smothered in thick melted toffee. The fruity spirit is still very alive amongst the cask influence, and the cask has done wonders to round things off and give off those vanilla spices, and beautifully oily complexities. Dangerously easy to keep sipping. Some lovely pastry notes as well, intermingling with the cinnamon spices, it’s almost like drinking a Cinnabun.  
Long length finish of Baked apples, pears, thick toffee, caramel, white chocolate. Ginger and cinnamon. A touch of coffee.  Drying over time and leaving some more bitter chocolate and oak behind, but those boiled apples, still there. 
Adding water.
1 solitary drop. The nose has a little added floral and extra sweetness to the spices. The palate is also sweeter, more rounded and downright delicious. Water does definitely re-vitalise the spirit within.  The finish a little shorter and more oak influenced. Personally I would probably leave this without adding water. But I can understand and respect the variation of experience. 
Well….dilemma time. Honestly it’s very expensive. But there is no denying this is a lovely whisky. Very tasty, honest stuff. If you have the money, and want something luxurious and different to the normal malts then this is well worth the shot. 
Many thanks to the Girvan Patent Still for providing the lovely tasting set. 

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