Whisky Review – The Girvan Patent Still 30 year old Single Grain Whisky

The Girvan Patent Still 30 year old Single Grain Whisky
42% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
Available for £366 from Master of Malt
The final in my short run of The Girvan Patent Still official bottling range. The 30 year old. What were you doing 30 years ago? For some reading this you probably hadn’t even been born yet (lucky sods). Well, over 30 years ago this liquid before me was being created through a column still, and laid to rest in a barrel. Makes you think really. 30 years ago I was actually recovering from a broken femur and pee’d off that I didn’t see Ghostbusters at the cinema because I was laid up in a hospital bed bouncing their fish fingers off the walls. Anyway I digress.  Let’s try the whisky. 
From first pour and sniff this is obviously a bit older! It really shows it. We have lots of old oak influence. Museums, polished wood furniture, varnish, glue. Old vanilla. A touch of dunnage warehouse. Leaving it in the glass for a while. There are more fruits coming forward now. Softer fruits. Old yellow apples. Banana. Soft oranges. A little touch of the tropics. Honeycomb. Some old mint leaves. In the spice range we have cracked black pepper, some ginger and a hint of clove. 
Beautifully sweet, oily arrival. Intense vanilla fudge and some coffee. Some rich ripe fruits, stewed and mushed down into lovely thick sticky jam. Spicy Banana bread. Thick toffee, sweet creamy Devon custard. This is just a pure pleasure to hold in the mouth and savour. Creamed rice desert and Creme brûlée. It’s reminding me of all the sweet creamy desert puddings I’ve ever had. Lovely lovely lovely. 
Spicy vanilla, creamed corn and rich oak sticks around for a long length finish. The sweet spices are ever present and the jammy fruits stick around until the very end which turns mouth drying, with some buttered overcooked toast. 
Adding water.
1 drop. The nose has a more softer floral oakiness, losing a lot of its fruit and complexity. The palate is very much sweeter and lacking complexity. And the finish also diminished.  This is old whisky and therefore understandably fragile. DO NOT WATER. Please. 
That’s just luxury. It is an awesome whisky. Beautiful to sip slowly and savour over a long evening. This whisky will inherently go a long way because each sip lasts much longer than your average whisky due to the richness and complexity. It’s fantastic stuff. If it were in my price range it would be my purchase of the bunch. 
Many thanks to the Girvan Patent Still for providing the lovely tasting set. 

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