Whisky Review – The Girvan Patent Still New Make Spirit

The Girvan Patent Still New Make Spirit
42% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
Coming off the stills at 94% ABV, this would be more than hazardous to try at that strength.  I can’t help wanting to have a sniff though.  However, no chance right now. But I do have a curious test tube of the new make diluted to 42% (the same strength as the Girvan Patent Still’s official bottlings). 
I’m having a Girvan session. Let’s start with the new stuff. 
Spirity! Doh!  It’s actually fascinating. I came into this expecting a vodka like experience. But no. There is some very crisp apples, buttery pop corn and Creme caramel.  There is very little to no alcohol burn on the nose
Wow. Apples. Apples. Apples. Juice! Again, hardly any alcohol burn. Very very juicy apples, freshly pressed. Straight in at the arrival, very sweet, through development. Touches of popcorn. Later on some apple pulp and peel. 
Apple skin, drying out. Like chewing on apple skins. Touches of sweetcorn. 
Adding water.
I really don’t want to. But adding a drop.  Creamier now, with some more corn influence. Some custard with your freshly sliced apples. Palate reflects this, less intensity to the apples now, but more of a creaminess coming through. The finish is creamy and quite delicious. 
Why the hell cant I buy this?  Or I’ll rephrase.   Please sell this! It’s very very nice!
Many thanks to the Girvan Patent Still for providing the lovely tasting set. 

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