Whisky Review – The Girvan Patent Still No. 4 Apps Single Grain Whisky

The Girvan Patent Still No. 4 Apps Single Grain Whisky
42% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
Available for £43.84 from Master of Malt


After a superb start with the new make spirit (read here), I’m onto the entry level in The Girvan Patent Still’s range. The No. 4 apps. Named after their still installed in 1992, the No 4 Apps (Apparatus) is a unique still, operated under a vacuum, permitting distillation and low temperatures.  The whisky in the bottle is distilled from the No4 and No5 Apps (Stills). 
Subtle. Lightly sweet. Cream caramel, with some runny toffee sauce. There are some crisp apples in the background. Popcorn. Jellied soft fruit sweeties. A little touch of oak here and there. 
Sweet and creamy arrival. Lots of vanilla, caramel, toffee and runny honey. Some buttery corn comes through in the development, some drier toffee and tinned apples in syrup. There is a nice light oiliness to the mouth feel enabling the flavours to travel. 
Sweet turning dry with some oak tannins.  The vanilla shines now, some ice cream and bittersweet toffee coating. Smooth as silk. No ABV burn across the board. Just creamy, smooth, easy going lushness. 
Adding water.
4 drops added. Much more fresh fruit (apples – it’s awoken the spirit) on the nose now, with the creamy sweet notes diluted down. On the palate the fruit is more upfront as well, but there is a delicious vanilla ice cream running through the fresh apples. The finish has a little more oakiness, but those lovely crisp apple skins and custard notes stick around for a fair while considering the whisky is so young. 
This is lovely easy going stuff. If you want complexity then I wouldn’t say your going to get it, but if you want a lovely, easy going, drinkable (in fact to the point of dangerously so) whisky, then look no further. This is good stuff.
Many thanks to the Girvan Patent Still for providing the lovely tasting set. 

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