Overeem Virtual Distillery Tour Tweet Taste

Overeem Virtual Distillery Tour Tweet Taste

I was very fortunate to be invited by World’s Best Spirits (@worldofspirits) to attend an online virtual distillery tour of Tasmania’s Overeem Distillery and at the same time experience some drams. Awesome. 🙂
When I received the pack I realised what a great virtual tour we were lined up for. In the pack:
  • – Tasmanian Mountain Water
  • – Tasmanian Peat Sample
  • – Franklin Peated Malt Sample (smells lush)
  • – bottle of Cascade Blonde beer
  • – Overeem new make spirit (63.7% ABV)
  • – a small piece of oak stave (sherry cask)
  • – Overeem Sherry cask sample #0030 (43% ABV)
  • – Overeem Bourbon cask sample #0065 (60% ABV) – World Premiere Tasting
Also provided was a link to a set of short virtual tour videos where you can learn about the distillery, which you can take a look at on this link
Cascade Blonde Beer.
A lovely light cloudy coloured, and light clear, crisp tasting beer. Floral and malty in style, totally easy drinking. Smoothly goes down a treat. Some light citrus around the brew and a lovely balance of sweet and dry. 
Malted barley. 
Had a little chew on the malted barley at this point, a lovely, lightly peated (around 20 ppm) barley, a little earthiness, but a very sweet core quickly passes and the smokey peat influence retains with the shell. It’s nice. This stuff should be breakfast cereal. Sod corn flakes. 
Overeem New Make. 
A fruity clean spirit. Lots of ripe tropical fruits. Stewed buttery corn. A little smoke. It is really all about the fruit though. Tropical. Mango. Melon. All soft and flavoursome. It drinks really well as well, lots of fruit flavours and bubblegum like. The palate on it is so very oily and practically evaporates. I notice nothing harsh in the alcohol burn either. Very delectable stuff.  With a touch of water we have a lot more fruit, and if anything it gets even easier drinking. Really juicy stuff, love it.  Why oh why do distilleries not bottle and sell new make. 
Overeem Sherry Cask #0030 
Available for £139.75 at Master of Malt
Nose. Toffee rich. Lots of sherried fruits. Plump raisins. Demerara rum. Plums. Dates. Lots of sweet fruitcake. Cinnamon. Light clove. Sweet ginger. Caramel. Chocolate. Loads of lovely fattening stuff. With a little time things get very juicy fruit chewing gum. 
Palate. Very very sweet arrival. Quite light in the mouth. Lashings of sweet runny toffee and caramel. Lots of fruit, raisin, plum, prune.  Some light spices (sweet ginger and clove) and fruitcake. Some coffee mocha notes are also very prominent. 
Finish. Medium-long length. Juicy sweet, with some sweet ginger and clove, and a spot of oak. 
Watered. Even juicier, more fruit intensity. Some floral. Lots of sweetie shop things going on. Touches of Parma violets. Lots more fruit jam going on. And touches of earthiness. The palate reflects this earthier aspect also, and is still very fruity and heavenly to sip. The finish retains loads of fruit, a lovely warm chest and a great feel good factor. 
Overeem Bourbon Cask #0065
Available for £187 from Master of Malt

Nose. Very fruity. Stewed apple pie with a cinnamon crust. Some age to this despite its being relatively young. Old vanilla. Some furniture varnish, but light and no harshness. Something slightly vegetal. Some pencil case. Citrus juicy fruits. Touches of menthol. Touches of cigar tobacco. Some thick sugary reduction of a caramel base. Toffee sauce. 
Palate. Very sweet. Toffee. Vanilla. Soft fruits. Melon. Mango. Banana. Chewy. Lovely thick oily mouthfeel. Some malty biscuit. Loads of spicy vanilla. A touch of oak spice. 
Finish. Intensely fruity. Warming, not at all harsh considering 60%. Beautifully rich stewed fruits hang around for a very long finish. Touches of chewing a pencil right at the very end of the finish. 
Watered. Fruit bomb just went pop. Intensely fruity with some added spice now. More pepper and a touch of chilli. There is also a musty edge which is very refined. The palate is insanely pineapple! Loads of ripe pineapple and other tropical fruits, a chilli zing, and beautifully coating the mouth. The finish is, if anything longer, fruitier, jammier, with tonnes of tropical fruit and heartwarming going on. Overeem is a feel good factor whisky of some magnificence. 
Much thanks to the boys at World’s Best Spirits, and the guys and gals at Overeem for a fantastic Tweet Taste, virtual tour opportunity. A multi-media bonanza. I hope my travels will take me your was in the future and we can have a chinwag over a dram or two. 🙂