Whisky Review – English Whisky Co. Chapter 16

English Whisky Co. Chapter 16
46% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
Peated. Sherry cask 693, 694. 
6 years old. 
Available for £51.95 from The Whisky Exchange
On first pour there is a sherried malt prominence with the smoke in the background. Dark fruits, blackberries, strawberries alongside fruitcake, with a menthol cigarette burning in the distance. There is quite a minty presence. Wrigley’s spearmint chewing gum. The fruits get more boiled down in time, quite jammy and delicious. Sweet pepper spices, vanilla, clove. Smoke always remains in the background and is quite a distance live bonfire smoke, with a lot of pine on that bonfire. There are also touches of heather. Nicely complex nose. Engaging stuff. 
Sweet arrival turning towards hot spices and bitter mint (like chewing raw mint leaf). After the heat subsides we have spicy dark fruits, burnt toast, toasted liquorice root. Overcooked fruitcake. Treacle toffee. Burnt caramel. It’s quite the overdone palate, in a good way, quite unique and intriguing liquid. 
The toasted overcooked things fade slowly. With some creamier caramel and toffee elements poking through at the end. The after mouth of a couple cigarettes back to back, but while chewing on some dried sultanas. Nice. 
Adding water.
A few drops added. The nose seems even more woody now, with some pencil shavings right up front. Quite a dusty textured nose. Breathtaking. The palate is softer, less spicy and warm. More fruit, and touches of earth and dirt. Lots of fruit, less charred, but still well on the point of burning.  The finish is dirtier, smokier, more cigarettes and has some finally of burnt fruits. Overboiled homemade berry jams. 
This is quite a weird and exciting whisky. Being the first English Whisky Co. Whisky I’ve actually sat down to write about, I don’t know what to say.  I’ve tried EWC whisky at shows and always had a pleasant time and this is no exception. It’s very different. Engaging. Challenging. Tasty. And great fun to sip on. A little bit difficult to get now, but well worth a gander if you see it on your travels. 
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