Whisky Review – Highland Park Dark Origins. 

Highland Park Dark Origins. 
46.8% ABV
Non-Chill Filtered
No added colouring
Available for £64.82 from Master of Malt
Dark Origins is a heavier sherried no aged statement whisky from Highland Park recently added to their core range. It has a higher percentage of first fill sherry casks (80% first fill, 20% refill) making up its mix (60% first fill European oak, 20% American first fill Oak). The result should be a bit of a sherry beast. Let’s find out. 
Sweet sultanas and squashed juicy plums. Rum drenched fruitcake. Raisin. Cherry. Heavily sherried as expected. Lots of fattening aromas of chocolate, cake and all that goodness. There is some charred oak in the background. Burnt coffee. Light cloves and pepper spices. It is a sherry monster on the nose for sure, possibly even too much, as there isn’t an awful lot of Highland Park about it. 
Sherry sweet arrival, bites of ginger and clove, juicy development, with a lovely mouthfeel coating everywhere. More fruitcake, molasses, cocktail cherries, coffee, chocolate, burnt caramel, spicy waves run back and forth through the development. Lots of tasty sherry notes continue all the way through. With hints of nuttiness later on. 
Lots of chocolate, cherry and rum fruitcake flow for a medium length finish. A tiny touch of sherry soaked charred oak remains at the very end. 
Adding water.
Little splash in the glass. Ooo, interesting. Some additional peat smoke is coming into the nose now, the water seems to have awoken the Highland Park spirit a little. The sherry notes are sweeter and lighter now. The palate is less oily, still has a beautiful development of sweet to spicy and back and forth. Lots of flavour, but not quite as rich as undiluted. The finish is spicier, with a little more oak smokiness. It’s a tale of two halves with if you should add water or not in my opinion. So I would try both. 
This is a lovely little sherry monster, it’s got a lot of nice character about it and is good to play around with water. Being perfectly honest I don’t think it’s very characterful of Highland Park, but it is a smashing sherry monster and admittedly have bought a bottle of. 
Thanks to the Whisky Shop’s W club for providing the sample.