Whisky Review – Kininvie Batch 3 23 Year old

Kininvie Batch 3 23 Year old
42.6% ABV
Available for £120.00 From the Whisky Shop
Initial sniff on first pour. Dried pineapple. Pineapple cube sweeties. Fruit salad chews. Grapefruit. Light oak spices. Very delicately fruity. Not in your face, but gentle. Very easy to get your nose right in there. After some time the fruit notes become more forthcoming and we also get some creamy vanilla and orange juice. There are also some summer berries, jammy and delicious. This is an exceptionally juicy, fruity nose. 
The arrival is fruity and spicy. Quite the bite of pepper and chilli in front of the juices of pineapple, orange and red apples. The mouthfeel is reasonably oily and very coating with intensive spicy fruit flavour. Once the spices calm the flavour develops to contain even more waxy fruit, a summer fruit salad bowl brimming with juices. Some creamy vanilla custard and oak tannins round things off. 
Spices return and creamy vanilla remain, while the flavours dry out to reveal some oak dust and dried pineapple. A medium-long length duration. 
Adding water.
The smallest drop added. The fruits now have some added intensity on the nose and a touch of added powdered sugar. The palate is less spicy during the arrival, with mountains of fruit juice complexity with some delightful sugars and some oak juices and spices. The palate is more waxy diluted.  The finish is slightly shortened and drier with a little less complexity and more oak. 
Considering the 23 years of age this whisky still has a lot of spirit driven action. It is very fruity and enjoyable. It is somewhat expensive at £120 for a half bottle though. And while I am thoroughly enjoying this dram, I’m finding it a little difficult to justify the price if I were going to buy one. I suppose a lottery win, or for a special occasion I could easily be swayed. 
Thanks to the Whisky Shop’s W club for providing the sample.