Whisky Review – Balvenie 17 year old Doublewood

Balvenie 17 year old Doublewood

43% ABV

£81.29 from MasterOfMalt


Rich and intense sherry spices on first sniff. Breathtakingly intensive. Clove and cinnamon aplenty. Lightly perfumed honey. Fruit laden stollen. Ultra a and apple mixed fruits. Almost mincemeat (as in mince pies not beef!). Some orange peel. Vanilla and Cocoa. With time in the glass there are some fine pipe tobacco notes. And some jelly babies!


Sweet apple pie filling. Honey. Toffee. Chocolate. Lots of confectionary. Lovely sweetly fattening. Boiled sweeties. Jelly sweeties. It’s basically a sweet shop. Some spiced coffee. Cinnamon comes through nicely. Very chewy and lush mouthfeel, really is a pleasure to hold on the tongue for a long time. The development goes on and on, and brings cherries, more variation on the chocolate and coffee themes and some zingy spiciness. 


Long length spicy finish. Nicely warming, hot cinnamon and clove on the tongue lingers for a while, with cherry sweets (cherry lips) and some nice sherry fruits coming back. Delectable. 

Adding water.

Only a small drop. This does not need it. The spicy intensity has diminished, leaving more floral elements on the nose. Much easier to sniff, and if you like very floral whiskies this will now be more your thing. The palate is more juicy now, Apple juice very much in the front, with the spices put in the background. The sherry influences are also wakened, it’s all about the green fruit juices. The finish is gentle, floral, some fruits, shorter and less of an overall event. If you want event and experience whisky then no water. If you like things softer. Add a drop, but only a small drop. 


A lovely whisky. Easily drinkable, one to spend hours over any evening after a hard days work. Very enjoyable, and a noticeable upgrade from the 12 year old double wood, an excellent dram in itself, this one just has that extra refinement about it. 

Thanks to the Balvenie for the official sample