Whisky Review – Laphroaig 14 year old – Douglas Laing Old Paricular

Laphroaig 14 year old – Douglas Laing Old Paricular

48.4% ABV

Non Chill Filtered

No Added Colouring

£89.00 Available from Whisky Galore at the Green Welly Stop



Peat smoke intense immediately on first pour. Shades of the very familiar TCP blast of old Laphroaig’s. Breathtaking powder, almost talcum powder, on deep breaths. More time and sweetness comes through. Confectionary sugar, some apple juice. More time and a cover. Mossy earth now, dirty and dry with ashes of burnt peat. Some cigarette ash. Touches of heather on a damp day, some floral sweeties, nearly Parma violets, but not quite. There’s a lot of clean crisp fruitiness underneath. Good start! 


Arrival is sweet and like chewing hay with some earth thrown in. Development things get drier and more bonfire smoke, apple jam/chutney, some sultana, a mixed fruit pie contents, touches of vanilla. All the while with an overall sense of having your head in a bonfire. Then things get a little lighter and more floral and your back out in a heather field with sea air.  


Complex and long. Medicinal floral throat sweets. Light fruits, some oak dust amongst powdered sugar, medicinal again, almost like a throat anaesthetic spray. (Damn, should have had this when I had a bad throat a few weeks back). Gently fades, with an edge of freshness, and a feeling to return. 

Adding water.

I’m enjoying it too much. Ok, just a small drop then. More medicinal elements on the nose now, a little added TCP. There is more of a stewed nature to the fruit elements. And the whole nasal experience is enhanced. The palate is similarly enhanced, and has even slightly more oiliness to it, there is some added creaminess and is fruitier, but there is also a tad smidge of bitter oak. The finish is richer, has some added vanilla fudge and is quite glorious. Ok. It should have the tiniest (and I literally added one drop) water added. 


There is a great Islay feel to this dram. It transports you to the country, near the sea, and gives great enjoyment. Lovely stuff. Money wise it isn’t the cheapest for its age, but there is depth here and it had made me quite nostalgic for my Islay memories. 

Thanks so much to Douglas Laing for providing the sample.