Whisky Review – Ardbeg Perpetuum – Retail Version

Ardbeg Perpetuum – Retail Version

47.4% ABV

Non Chill Filtered

No Added Colouring

£84.95 from The Whisky Exchange


At the time of writing It’s been exactly 2 weeks since arriving on Islay for half of the Feis Ile 2015. I miss the place. It’s an awesome whisky related place to visit. It’s an awesome place to holiday. Lots to see and do. Seriously a place I would like to retire to. And would be more than happy to retire tomorrow. Anyway. Nostalgia aside, Ardbeg Perpetuum is 2015’s festival release for Ardbeg. It comes in two variants. The Distillery exclusive version which is at a slightly higher ABV, and the retail version which is the one I’m tasting today. 


Creamy butterscotch. Vanilla fudge. Milk chocolate. Light peat smoke, slightly medicinal. Heather. Honey. Time in the glass and more fruit comes forward. A barrel load of green apples, citrus, lemon rind. More time and we’re back to the fudge in the foreground, and a touch of sherry. Nice, complex and evolving. 


Ooo, tart lemon arrival, getting sweeter as we move to development. Moss, heather floral, creamy custard. Mouthfeel is silky and fulfilling. Becoming drier as the development progresses. Some treacle toffee, dried apricot and the creamy Cadbury fudge notes are also coming through. A spray of salty costal air. 


Medium-long length. Gentle, floral, citrus. Some sea salt. Drying oak tannin. Little dab of very milky chocolate. 

Adding water.

A couple of drops added. There isn’t an awful lot of difference in the nose, possibly a little richer with the fudge notes. The palate is sweeter from the off, lots more chocolate, vanilla, then some moss comes in again, and we have a little more dirtier nature to the development, with a touch of engine oil. The finish is similar, with a little more oiliness and motor oil to finish off. 


Very competent and enjoyable. This is most definitely an Ardbeg, gentle enhancements along the 10 year old standard bottling. It’s a shame that the majority of these bottles will end up being in collections or auctioned and not enjoyed. My bottle will be opened and savoured. 

Thanks so much to Ardbeg for providing the sample.