Whisky Review – Glendronach 8 Year old – The Hielan’

Glendronach 8 Year old – The Hielan’

46% ABV

Non-Chill Filtered

Natural colour

£32.20 from Master of Malt

Well this is interesting. A new addition to Glendronach’s core range. A younger whisky, aged statement even though it’s a younger 8 year old whisky (good). A mix of bourbon and sherry cask maturation bottled at 46% (very good). Non chill filtered and no adding colouring as standard for Glendronach (very very good). Is it no wonder these guys are one of my absolute top favourite distilleries?! I’m excited. Let’s go taste. 


The youth is immediately evident. There is spirit on the nose. It’s a very nice spirit. Ripe green fruits, apples, pear, a touch of apricot and mango. There’s quite an ethanol pinch in the nose, it’s young. That’s ok. We have some fruitcake, plum and alcohol rich sultanas influenced from the sherry cask, with some pleasant clove presence. There is some vanilla and citrus oak. It’s nicely complex and explorable. 


Arrival has a lovely spice infused fruit. Lots of dried fruits, fruitcake, rum and raisin. Cherry, candied orange peel. Pepper, sweet cinnamon. Apple strudel. Creamy vanilla. Lovely rich, coating mouthfeel. This is one you can hold in the mouth and on the tongue for ages. Very chewy. It doesn’t have the harshness you would expect from a younger whisky.  


Medium to long length finish (again more than I would expect from 8 years old). Fruits take an age to die out, spices remain a little longer. Some citrus oak remains at the very end. 

Adding water.

I’m sure this can take water, but seeing as I’ve nearly drank my dram (it seems to get sipped at a rate of knots) I will pour a little more and add a few drops. The nose is greener now, with a touch of added pine. The palate is juicier on the arrival, less fulfilling in the mouthfeel, and greener with more apples and vanilla throughout the experience. The finish retains the green fruits. Hmmm. Personally, for me. Less water is more experience. But if you want to taste the fresh, apples and greener side of this whisky it’s worth adding some water. Very different between diluted/undiluted versions. 


This is a new standard dram. Session stuff. Delicious. You will be hard pressed to get better classic Speyside whisky out there for this price point. Love love love it!
Thanks so much to Glendronach for providing the sample.