Whisky Review – Jura Tastival 2015

Jura Tastival 2015

52% ABV

Non-Chill Filtered

Natural colour

£75.00 from Whisky Galore at the Green Welly Stop

From the website – “This limited edition of Jura Tastival has been matured in exclusive Ladubay sparkling wine casks from the Loire Valley in France. Distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2015, only 3970 bottles of this aromatic, fruity single malt are available worldwide. ”
Sparking wine casks?! Can’t say I’ve heard of that one before for a whisky maturation (let me know if you know different. I’m intrigued!). Let’s sip and savour.


The wine maturation is evident. It’s very winesky! Quite different from a traditional whisky point of view. But that’s not  a bad thing. There’s some very definitive grape skin, on the sour (but pleasant with it) side. It reminds me initially of cider brandy, lots of apples and farmhouse cider, with a hint of old warehouse/barrel storage. Not quite dunnage, but more farmhouse storage. Deeper in we have some rich honey and pepper spice. Quite spicy on the nose, with some hot cinnamon. More depth coming in time and some darker fruits and red berry jam. A little toffee. There are some Danish pastry notes. Sultanas. Pain au raisin. Very different.


Arrival is thick and jammy fruits, lots of red berries, some light cherry coke, touches of orange, with a little spicy warmth. Development moves into thicker toffee areas, with some more dark fruits, dry raisin, dry plums. The mouthfeel is middling to thick and very spicy throughout. Touches of sweet ginger ale.


Fizzy (is that the sparkling wine?! :)). Jammy fruits, ginger ale and cherry menthol fade out for a medium-long finish with some drying tannins and a touch of sawdust warehouse feel.

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose is less cider brandy now and much more summer fruit jams. The palate seems a little thicker and creamier, with some added custard texture to the heavy fruit jams. Less spice for sure and more easily accessible. The finish still has a touch of effervescence to it, fruity and quite pleasing. Well worth another sip or 4.


This is a unique whisky. Quite special and at first a little unusual, but in time and getting to know it, this whisky becomes very appealing and moreish. There are some lovely fruit jam notes throughout and a lovely warmth to the finish. Differently delicious.
Thanks so much to Jura for providing the sample.