Whisky Review – Glenfarclas 1994 TWS Exclusive

Glenfarclas 1994 TWS Exclusive

43% ABV

Non-Chill Filtered

Natural colour

£84.00 from The Whisky Shop


On first pour we have orange juiced soaked sultanas. Rich boozy Fruitcake. Some light prune juice. Cinnamon. Pepper. Clove. A touch of oak. It has a very whisky barrel warehouse feel to it. With a little time to breath and things become a little more rounded and intense. With apple juice joining in, rum and raisin, coffee mocha and some thick golden toffee. 


Rich dark fruits dominate arrival, and slowly develop into complex orange chocolate and coffee flavours. The mouthfeel is quite thick and oily. Further development reveals cherry, light pepper spice and a well rounded balance overall with a touch of oak late on. There is something quite rum like in nature to the palate. With some of the vibrancy of the spirit still present. I’m not sure if it is completely representative of a 20 year old whisky (it feels younger), but it does have a very fulfilling palate. 


Coffee and dark chocolate are the main features of the long length and warming finish. 

Adding water.

I don’t think this will take much water, but a drop is added for experiment. A much softer nose now. The orange and citrus juices are back up front with more vibrancy and less richness. The palate reflects this new found juiciness at the expense of the more aged undiluted palate. The finish has a little added effervescence. Again, fruitier, concentrating on the citrus and less of the sherry matured richness. Much preferred without water. 


A very beautiful Glenfarclas. Very representative of the Glenfarclas signature, tasty and delicious. Personally I’m not so sure of the bang for the buck, it does feel younger than its age, but this does happen. I guess for a 20+ year old Glenfarclas £84 isn’t so bad when compared to the official bottle price for a 21 year old.  

Thanks so much to The W Club for providing the sample. 

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