Whisky Review – Laphroaig 10 year old Douglas of Drumlanrig TWS Exclusive

Laphroaig 10 year old Douglas of Drumlanrig TWS Exclusive

46% ABV

Non-Chill Filtered

Natural colour

£83.00 from The Whisky Shop



Sweet, dirty, Laphroaig goodness! It is sweet and salty! Salty sea air with sweetened vanilla ice cream. Moss. Wet ropes. Tar. Intense medicinal smoke. TCP, but not as strong as some older releases of the ten year old, this is sweeter smoke. Elements of heavily maple syrup encrusted bacon on a BBQ. Ozone. Pepper spice intense. Damp hay bails. Lots of complexity here. This is a very nice, down and dirty Laphroaig. 


Sweet grassy arrival. Lots of sweetened green fruits. The mouthfeel, while mouth coating, is quite light. The development becomes a little oilier, literally, with some engine oil intensity coming into play alongside, the earthy moss characteristics. Liquorice. Herbal notes, some peppery green leaves, cress. Apples run through the experience alongside all of the ashy smoky goodness. 


Warming, spicy and earthy. Ash, with wet green grass and some herbal lozenges. 

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose has now become more concentrated on the fruity aspects, green apples, juicy and fresh, with the smoke taking a back step. The palate also highlights this now fruitier aspect to the dram, it really is quite delicious. Less dirty and earthy and Laphroaig like, but more approachable and very fulfilling. The mouthfeel also seems thicker somewhat. The finish is also much fruitier, with an added pepper twang, there is still the earthy smoke and moss, but very much in the background, and now hidden in the chest during the finish. Breath out and the smoke comes with it. Quite the enhancing experience. I recommend water for experimentation, you may not like it as much if you like your smokey whiskies dirty through and through. 


An excellent Laphroaig. Really beautiful, intensive, heightened experience stuff. Love it. 

Thanks so much to The W Club for providing the sample.