Whisky Review – Mortlach Rare Old

Mortlach Rare Old

43.4% ABV

£54.28 from Master of Malt


Dry sweetness, very savoury. A meaty nose. Well seasoned beef jerky. Dried dark fruits in the background. Blackberry jam meets rum. Ginger, pepper and a touch of cinnamon covers the spicy bite. 


Quite an oily and fulfilling mouthfeel on this one. Lots of dark fruits, with the blackberries coming through (complete with brambles coming to mind), thick and jammy. Honey. Sugar cane. Late in the development there are hints of Demerara sugar/rum note. It’s certainly a lot sweeter on the palate than the nose would suggest. 


A medium to long length finish. Spicy and sweet, with sweet ginger and cinnamon buns with icing. Some rum and raisin, a slight effervescent twang of oak right at the end. 

Adding water.

With a small drop of water the nose becomes fruitier, with notes of sherry, brown sugar, soaked raisin up front. With some herbal notes in the background. Thyme, clove and a spot of cress! The palate is now even sweeter in the arrival, the mouthfeel still very complete, there is a slight touch of tannin bitterness in the late development. The finish is more rounded but slightly shorter. 


I’m a big disputer of the way Mortlach has been re-imagined for its official bottlings. I dislike quite a lot about the presentation (ABV, chill filtration, colouring, bottle size, price point), and feel so much more could have been done to present this liquid with higher quality presentation. However…that being said…I like this whisky. It’s lovely, easy drinking, moreish, and I can see what they were trying to do in its appeal, it’s proposed audience, and for that it does a good job. For me It’s a bloody tasty, enjoyable dram. Although. Too expensive. If you find it on offer, it’s worth a gander. 

From my own collection, bought on an Amazon lightening deal at a reasonable discount.