Whisky Review – Bruichladdich The Organic Scottish Barley

Bruichladdich The Organic Scottish Barley

50% ABV

Non-Chill Filtered

Natural colour

~£60 (1 litre) From Travel Retail



Creamy, barley rich on first pour. A wee whiff of smoke. Rich vanilla, ice cream like in intensity. Buttery malt. Simplistic, but with an obvious air of high quality. In time we have some additional citrus elements merging with the barley. Now a lemon cream biscuit characteristic. 


The higher than usual ABV carries so much flavour through. A wonderfully thick mouthfeel. So very sweet, creamy, buttery and velvety textured. Light sweet lemon citrus, with buckets of honey and vanilla maltiness. Where Bere Barley had the honey and lemon intensity, this Organic Barley has more of a creamy, relaxing experience, highly sip-able. Lots of Creme brûlée, and a light, runny toffee note going through the development. There is a little bit of a warming bite from its youth, but this just heightens the experience, and we have a wee touch of smoke later in the development going into the finish. 


The warmth fades, and brings a medium length finish, with a touch of wood char fading into layers of sweet vanilla and penny toffees. The creamy texture continues through and demands more liquid to sip. 

Adding water.

A few drops added. The nose has become even creamier! With some added heather honey. The palate, reflects this enhanced creaminess and is now sweeter, it’s so smooth and delicious in the mouthfeel you can hold it and swirl it around the mouth for absolutely ages. More barley sugar rich now, with some added toffee. Again, I hate overusing the word, but creamy creamy creamy creamy. The previous heat experienced when undiluted is now gone, and we just have more…creaminess and Creme brûlée throughout the late development and finish. 


A wonderful stable dram. I’m so jealous this is another travel exclusive, but if you shop around the European shores you may be able to find it here and there. It’s well worth searching out, one of those session drams that will make your evening rewarding after a hard days work. 

Thanks so much to Bruichladdich for providing the sample.