Whisky Review – Amrut Naarangi

Amrut Naarangi


£85.00 from Master of Malt

Batch 1 limited to 900 bottles 



Bit funky and odd, but in a compelling way. There’s lots of direct sherry influence. Rum and raisin, Christmas cake, cloves and plums. In addition, you have an overlaying of bitter oranges, unripe. Zest, peel and pith. Quite intriguing and odd for whisky. 


There obvious youth in the heat on the palate. But we also have an awful lot of sherry flavours going on. It’s big, not subtle in any way. Cloves, plums, big plump raisins and sultanas. Christmas cake galore. The addition of the oranges isn’t as evident on the palate as it is on the nose, although there is a little more orange juice than you would normally experience on a sherry monster, plus some cherry juice and stones.


Medium-long length finish. All the tale tale signs of a sherry monster, drying cloves and Christmas spices, with some drying fruit elements, cherry, sultana, plums. But oh, here’s the oranges again, some orange juice and like chewing on the remains of an already juiced orange (in a good way – sweet, not bitter). 

Adding water. 

A good drop added. The nose is now more spice intensive. Lots of cloves and Christmassy spices and cinnamon. Some sweet pepper, and a little raw dusty spiciness. Like having your head in a spice container. The orange notes are quite diminished by the dilution. The palate is creamier now, more viscous texture. More accessible thanks to the reduction of the heat, still lots of sherry content, but the addition of some of this creamy vanilla coming through. The finish returns to some slight orange elements alongside the creaminess, and some spice box dust. Very different. 


It’s an odd one, but in my opinion a good one. I really enjoy it, and pleased I got a spare bottle to enjoy later in life. This batch has already sold out, but there is more to come as far as I know. There was a lot of controversy over this addition of orange bits to a sherry cask to help season it, but you know what, that’s innovation. You have to try something different now and again, and I like the fact that Amrut can and will do something a tad different to see how things turn out! Good on them! 
From my own stash. 

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