Whiskey Review – Wild Buck Rye

Wild Buck Rye

50% ABV

Available from Wild Buck Whiskey in Florida. Check them out if you are out that way!

Also available for $53.99 from Broudy’s

Something a little bit different here. Wild Buck whiskey is a 100% rye whisky, produced in small quantities in Florida! It’s very much a family owned craft distillery and very difficult to get yourself a bottle. I’m fortunate enough to have great mates on Twitter who are generous with their drams. Much thanks to @raithrover for sending me a sample to enjoy. Cheers!


Strong and sweet on the nose. Heavy charred oak. Behind is a thick toffee sweetness. There is some dusty cocoa powder. Some freshly brewed, strong coffee. Some hedgerow blackberries, mushed and stewed into a jam. With some time sat in the glass there is a burnt meatiness coming through. Well done and dried beef jerky strips. All the way through you get grainy rye notes, wholemeal bread mix like. Kind of weird (for someone used to malt whisky), but strangely familiar and enticing. 


Arrival is like granary toast! Coated in honey and syrup, and just a drop of dark fruit jam in the background. The development moves into warming sweet, oily ground. It’s now I’m aware of the coating mouthfeel and heat of the ABV, which never really gets above warm, soon dissipates and we are hit with layers of soft, velvety burnt brown sugar, cake mix flavours. This does take a few sips to get used to as it is quite out of the norm. Further exploration and I get reminders of bran muffins, carrot cake. Quite the savoury/sweet delight. 


Warming and relaxing. Lots of grain wash, beer like, sweet, dark sugars and toasted caramel. Touches of bitter burnt oak act as a flavour balance alongside the sweetness. Quite long length as the oiliness of the whiskey stays coated to the tongue for a good duration. 

Adding water.

Things are lighter now, with a touch of floral on the nose. Some sugared sweeties, maybe even a touch of Parma violet. The palate is still rich and boisterous, with some of that floral sweetie note coming through and into the finish, which is slightly longer, has more sugary bite, touches of pepper and sweet all the way through.


There is a very alternative dram here! It’s a little bit unusual when you maybe used to single malts or blended whisky, or even bourbon. Rye is a very distinctive drink in itself, and in honesty not one that I have had a lot of up to now (something I need to rectify). Once you get past the initial experience of “What is this?!”, there are some great pleasures to discover. I have to admit, the first sip I had of this was from the bottle, and I was dubious. After spending a little quality time with Wild Buck I have to admit my first impression was wrong, and this is an intriguing, compulsory experience which I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

Thanks so much to @raithrover for providing the sample. Cheers mate. 🙂

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