Whisky Review – Girvan 25 year old Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

Girvan 25 year old Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

51.5% ABV

Non Chill Filtered

No Added Colouring

£80.95 From The Whisky Exchange
Continuing with the set of Single Grain whiskies from the Douglas Laing camp on their Old Particular label. These are all single cask releases of 20+ year old grain whiskies. Next up is the Girvan (I’m reviewing in age order and this is the youngest at) 25 year old. All of these whiskies are “as natural as you can get”, presented at cask strength, non chill filtered and with no colouring. 


On first pour there is quite a deep baked apple tart concentrated nose. Complete with cinnamon sugar crusted pastry topping. Giving it some time even though this is an immense start. Some obvious age and oak polish notes as well. Cover plus ten minutes. Yes, a lovely fresh and crisp whisky in that we have lots of apples, stewed and scrumptious. With a background of aged, polished oak, varnish, pepper and softer confectionary spices. Given a little more time (now 25 mins since pour), and there is more fruit coming forward, fresh fruit basket, with some berry jam. Quite an evolutionary nose, worthy of a lot of time and sampling the nasal pleasantries it has to offer. 


A creamy, thick arrival, full of stewed apples, pears, some spirit heat, which quickly develops into layers of vanilla, Creme caramel, salted popcorn, Krispy Kreme ring donuts! Quite the complexity of sweet and salted during the long development. The mouthfeel has some nice oiliness throughout.


Warming to the chest. Lots of confectionary sugar. Vanilla by the bucket. Gentle and well aged, tasty, warming, quite delicious. 

Adding water.

Just a few drops added to this dram. And waiting…the nose has more toffee integrated into it, with the fruits softened and stewed a little further. More jam and chutney in its nature. The palate has become a little more spirited, with cleaner fruits and juices coming forward, losing a touch of the age, but also giving a layer of custard on the tongue. The finish retains this new fruity juiciness, but does end a little more abruptly with a touch of bitter juices, some citrus, lime like. Personally, I wouldn’t water this one, it provides more of an aged and deep experience neat. 


An absolute delight. Well aged, with some nice flavours and age. It’s getting more and more difficult to get older whiskies at a good price, so 80 quid for a 25 year old cannot be sniffed at. Granted, not quite so complex as you would expect from a malt, but this has some very evident age, and offers a quaffable and enjoyable experience. 
Thanks so much to Douglas Laing co. for providing the sample. 

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