Whisky Review – Cameron Bridge 25 year old Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

Cameron Bridge 25 year old Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

60.6% ABV

Non Chill Filtered

No Added Colouring

£82.95 From Master of Malt

Continuing with the set of Single Grain whiskies from the Douglas Laing camp on their Old Particular label. These are all single cask releases of 20+ year old grain whiskies. Next up is the Cameron Bridge (I’m reviewing in age order and this is the youngest at) 25 year old. All of these whiskies are “as natural as you can get”, presented at cask strength, non chill filtered and with no colouring. 


On first pour this is a strong alcohol driven nose. Lots of acetone, wood glue, some pear drops. Strong and nose burning. Immediate thought that water will help, this has been stored well and not lost a lot of alcohol in 25 years, unless it was filled at a very high ABV. After just a few minutes there is more polished oak. Will cover and give it some time and space. A little softer with time, some creamy corn, grilled sweetcorn, and a touch of charred oak. 


A very thick mouthfeel, coating, with viscous oils. The arrival is intensely creamy, lots of vanilla cream. Custardy. I’m so surprised at how smooth this is, with hardly any burn. Considering its ABV, and even the ‘hotter’ nose, this does not come across on the palate. We have deep and gentle green fruits, loads of confectionary sugar, lots of toffee, honey and all things sugar coated. Toffee apples! Rhubarb and custard sweeties, but light on the rhubarb. Some cracked black pepper over mashed potato! Lovely, lovely stuff. 


Lots of intensive, fruity confectionary slowly dissipates and leaves a lovely warmed chest behind, with a coating of custard!

Adding water.

A few drops added with a delay to settle. The nose now, while still deadly to get too deep (sinus burn!), has some deeper creamy custard and polished varnished oakiness. Everything great about the nose intensified by the dilution. The palate is pretty much as before in content, chewier and with a more gentle development, steadier and therefore, frankly better. The finish continues along the theme, more of the same, but slightly better! This one benefits from a small drop of water. I tried adding a little more and there developed a little bitterness towards the end of the development going into the finish. So go carefully. 


Another quality grain from the Douglas Laing camp. Many malt heads snub grains, but there is some great stuff going about and this is no exception. Lovely stuff. 
Thanks so much to Douglas Laing co. for providing the sample.