Whisky Review – Strathclyde 27 year old Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

Strathclyde 27 year old Old Particular (Douglas Laing)

51.5% ABV

Non Chill Filtered

No Added Colouring

£85.95 From The Whisky Exchange

Concluding the set of Single Grain whiskies from the Douglas Laing camp on their Old Particular label. These are all single cask releases of 20+ year old grain whiskies. Finally we have a Strathclyde (I’m reviewing in age order and this is the youngest at) 27 year old. All of these whiskies are “as natural as you can get”, presented at cask strength, non chill filtered and with no colouring. 


On first pour we have quite a jammy rich, porridge oat aroma, with lots of custard and vanilla pods. After a little time things settle back and we have more age and spices. Cinnabun, freshly baked. Honey drizzled over pastries. The deep resonating vanillas are balanced beautifully with soft spices. Sweet and delicious. More time in the glass and things only get richer and more intense. Fantastic. 


Arrival is swift, bittersweet with touches of chilli, turning creamier into the development. Pepper, cinnamon and ginger spices merge in with the familiar vanilla rich custard notes. Vanilla sponge cake mix, cream and some light apple jam, an alternative Victoria sponge cake! The mouthfeel is luscious. It’s age is evident in the lack of heat (I don’t like saying smooth, but it is very smooth). There’s not a desperate complexity to this, but it is very bloody drinkable and very, very tasty. 


Intense Apple strudel! With cream. Still warm. Pastries, juicy apples, cinnamon, now I’m just giving the ingredients of an apple strudel. But it is exactly that. Gorgeous. 

Adding water.

I truly do not want to add water to this, it’s simply awesome as it is….But unfortunately I cannot help myself. 2 flicks added. Yep, shouldn’t have done it. Everything is toned down, no additional development for me, just a little bit less intense. Without water is the way to go with this one without a doubt. It’s bloody gorgeous without any additions. 


This is, without a doubt. My favourite of the 4 grain whiskies in this set. I’ve tried a few independent Strathclyde bottlings on Cadenheads label before and they do not fail to disappoint. This one is just plain enjoyment in liquid form.

Thanks so much to Douglas Laing co. for providing the sample.