Whisky Review – Tesco Finest 12 year old Highland Single Malt Whisky

Tesco Finest 12 year old Highland Single Malt Whisky

40% ABV

~£25.00 from Tesco


I’m setting myself a mission on the run up to Christmas to try some of the mid range supermarket own brand whiskies and write reviews for them. There aren’t enough reviews out there of these whiskies, and they are often overlooked because of the supermarket name on the label. Time to see if they should be ignored of if this is a falsehood and your missing out on a particular taste sensation or superbargain. 


Dark fruits are the first thing to come to the nose. Blackberry jam. Some blood orange. Toffee. Caramel. Chocolate. It’s a nice sweet tooth’s nose, lots of Christmas Day confectionary goodies. There’s a touch of nuttiness in the background. A hint of cask char. 


The mouthfeel, while very light, does have a slight oiliness to it, barely a film of oil, but it is nicer than you would expect for a chill filtered whisky 40% ABV. A toffee, brown sugar sweet arrival with a touch of stewed apples and a hint of chocolate. Development moves into the confectionary field, with light honey covering a dusted chocolate fruit flan. Hints of fruitcake, orange peel, sherbert lemon sweeties and a touch of vanilla. 


Short to medium in duration, nuttiness comes back, almonds, a touch of marzipan. Orange and citrus juices remain for a medium finish, which has a little heat of immaturity, but overall pleasant stuff. 

Adding water. 

Doesn’t need water. But for the sake of science and argument. The smallest of drops. Nose. Killed. Floral and honey now. Palate is sugar, honey, sweet, errr honey jam. A little vanilla sponge cake. Finish is sweet sugary and meh. No water. The little bit of complexity it has going for it washes away very easily. 


This isn’t half bad really. It’s not the most complex whisky going, but it is very drinkable, easy going, fruity and enjoyable stuff. You can get very similar slightly cheaper i think, but without an age statement. I really need a little Dalmore 12 year old to do a side by side, but this, from memory is very reminiscent of that distillery and Richard Patersons name is all over the back label again.  

Value for money, well if I’m right it’s a 12 year old Dalmore for 25 quid, so it’s great value in that respect. But as we are not sure that’s the distillery, I would say it’s good value based on how much (non discounted) you would spend on an equivalent malt of this flavour profile. 

Compared to Tesco’s Finest Speyside 12 year old I would personally choose this whisky, it’s got more going for it and is just plain delicious to my taste buds. Like I said, no complexities requiring contemplation or long periods of time, this is a drinker, session dram. Pour and go. 

From my own stash of fascination. 

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