Whisky Review – Stronachie 10 year old (Benrinnes)

Stronachie 10 year old (Benrinnes)

43% ABV

Non chill filtered

£32.33 from Master of Malt

Stronachie was a Highland distillery active between the 1890s and 1928. The Scottish agents for the whisky, A.D. Rattray, have launched a range using whisky attempting to replicate it’s flavour and form. The whisky is created by Benrinnes distillery. This is the 10 year old expression. The 18 year old will be coming tomorrow. 😉


On first pour we have a crisp, clean and raw apple note immediately. Light fruit syrup. Some pears in the form of pear drop sweets. Sherbert pips. Mixed fruit chewits. Quite a sweet shop on the nose. This is all backed up with some vanilla cream. After a little time in the glass the fruity elements become more boiled and mature, with less of the raw notes initially experienced. More candy coated apples now, and the tiniest hint of wax. 


Clean, sweet, Apple fruit sweet arrival. Development moves into rich barley sugar territories, with toffee, lots of brown sugar, vanilla, a smidge of orange juice and sweetened apple pie filling, with touches of cinnamon and a minute spot of aniseed. The mouthfeel has a light level of viscosity and is very pleasant. The palate is very easy and continually sippable.


The cinnamon sprinkled apple pie filling sticks around for a medium length finish, with some leftover drying waxiness on the tongue. A hint of oak is left at the very end amongst Apple juices. 

Adding water. 

A few drops added. The diluted nose now senses as a younger malt, a little more pear and spirity in nature. The palate however is quite a bit thicker, with honey and apples in delicious proportions, the spices slightly cut back, but that doesn’t hurt the experience. The finish has spice returning, a little stronger, and a touch of soft milk chocolate. Quite lush indeed. Water does benefit the taste experience, but not necessarily the nose.


A straightforward, honest, crisp, clean, very drinkable and delicious whisky. It’s very traditional in its style, a good session dram. Price wise it’s very reasonable and recommended. In this day and age of lesser whiskies, with no age for more money and disappointing results, this is a whisky that would renew some faith. 

Much thanks to Stronachie for the review sample

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