Whisky Review – Stronachie 18 year old (Benrinnes)

Stronachie 18 year old (Benrinnes)

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

£43.84 from Master of Malt


Stronachie was a Highland distillery active between the 1890s and 1928. The Scottish agents for the whisky, A.D. Rattray, have launched a range using whisky attempting to replicate it’s flavour and form. The whisky is created by Benrinnes distillery. This is the 18 year old expression.


Straight out of the bottle and we immediately get some fruity candle wax. Boiled Apple and pear. Touches of fresh and grilled pineapple. Some light, background vanilla. The age is quite noticeable in the waxier, thickness on the nose, but there is still a freshness throughout, vibrant fruits and a warmer sweet shop, with richer sweeties, warmed up on a sunny day. A little time sat around in the glass and more aged oak notes are coming forward. Some wood polish, a touch of wood glue. The fruits have become thicker and the introduction of some dark berry fruits, in a sugary jam format (blackcurrent, blackberry) are noticeable. 


A beautifully rich, fruit (those dark fruits, boiled apples and sweetened citrus) jam arrival. The mouthfeel isn’t as thick as I expected, but it is still coating. Arrival is just wave after wave of fruity intense flavour, lots of lusciously sweet fruits, continuing over and over, totally lush. There is some light waxiness to the fruit, occasionally a touch of bittersweet (grapefruit) makes it in the mix. I can’t say there is immense complexity, but it is just plain bloody beautiful and far too drinkable. It’s lovely lovely lovely. 


The fruit just keeps on going for a medium-long length finish. Fruit, fruit, fruit. A touch of the drier waxy fruit notes at the end, but then the juices just lay around in the back of the throat for ages and ages.

Adding water.

I love this as is, but will add a few drops in the interest of the blog. Another quick sip as is first though….mmmmmmm…oh, drop of water. The diluted nose now shows a little spice. Pepper and a touch of liquorice. The palate has slightly less fruit intensity and more if a spiced honey character alongside weaker fruit juices. The finish is now retaining this spice alongside the fruit juices. Hmmm, tough to say water or not. It’s going to be a make up your own mind time, for me, I would probably leave it without, I just love the undiluted fruit bomb. 

This is top quality stuff. And only just over 40 quid for a 18 year old fruit bomb like this. I’m smitten and it’s straight on the buy list. 
Much thanks to Stronachie for the review sample