Whisky Review – Flaming Heart 15th Anniversary (Compass Box)

Flaming Heart 15th Anniversary (Compass Box)

48.9% ABV

Non chill filtered

No Added Colouring

£99.74 from Master of Malt
Talisker (the cat) was too fascinated to know exactly what is in the whisky and as felines are immune from the laws of the world here’s the details:



On first nosing I’m greeted with a waft of floral rich smoke. Heather honey, bonfire ashes, with a freshly lit burning tree nearby. It’s quite a smokey number, but with some fruity smoke subtlety from the older Caol Ila backing it up. After a little time in the glass the smoke settles and some fruitier notes come forward. Soft fruits. Oranges, banana, sugared lemons, all roasting on a bonfire. The smoke is bellowing back up again. There is some waxiness to the fruit elements, accompanied by a rich ginger and cardamon spice bite. There is a touch of lavender in the background. This is fascinating and unique, I could spend an absolute age with my nose deep in this glass. 


Sweet and sour arrival, the fruits are King, big, sweet orange, brash bitter lemons, ginger and chilli spices raise up and slowly gently edge towards a sweet, sugar rich development, full of sweet shop goodies, some lemon bonbons, cardamon cake. The fruit becomes waxier and more forward, juicy, mouthwatering. The mouthfeel is beautifully thick and coating, and the whole experience of this palate is quite exhilarating. 


Very long. The waxy fruit lingers, and the smoke has a backdraft moment, re-establishing itself in the exhale. The coating of flavour on the tongue does last a long while thanks to the oily mouthfeel on this whisky. The smoke lingering in the back of the throat and the fire warming the heart.

Adding water. 

I don’t want to it’s gorgeous as it is. But. I always do. So just a couple of minute drops. The smoke on the nose has been enhanced. We have more vibrant bonfire smoke. The fruits and floral have been muted a little. The fruits are back and juicer on the palate, with some added custard creaminess. Mouthfeel diminished slightly, but still excellent. Things are somewhat chewier. The finish is just as glorious as before, but with a touch of liquorice in the finale. With/without? Personally I prefer without, but others may disagree. 


Bloody lovely stuff. This is one of those whiskies which is an experience through and through. It’s on the smoky side, so probably not for everyone (leaves more for the rest of us). I think it’s stunning and will be seeking out a bottle to enjoy later on when whisky of this calibre just won’t be affordable, and I don’t see that being too far away unfortunately. Great value, beautiful whisky. Thank you!

Many thanks to Compass Box for the review sample