Whisky Review – Deveron 12 year old

Deveron 12 year old

40% ABV

Around £40.00 a bottle
Located where the river meets the sea, Macduff distillery sits near the mouth of the river Deveron, shortly before it’s cool waters join the restless surge of the North Sea. Sheltered from the worst of the Seaboard storms and winter winds, this tranquil spot has seen the creation of the Deveron whisky for many a decade. 

Emanating from five small copper pot stills, and unusual horizontal condensers that gently coax extra character from the spirit, the Deveron is an approachable dram which has a tang of coastal air about it. The distillery is set up for an light, fruity spirit that’s replete with Apple tones and nutty notes. 

The new expressions of the Deveron 12-year-old and 18-year-old have never been released before now and will be available from October 2015. There is also a 10-year-old expression which is only available in the French markets. 

Let’s have a taste!


First sniff. Sweet, gentle baked apples, cinnamon. Lots of honey. Quite a fresh aroma. With a little time there is more pastry notes, Apple Danish pastries, lots of cinnamon, pepper and touches of nutmeg. 


Arrival is sugary with a good amount of apple jam fruitiness. Cinnamon again on the palate, along with that pastry feel. A little hotter ginger and pepper proceed into the development, which increases in honey and brown sugar notes. Mouthfeel is light, but with some subtle oiliness. Uncomplicated and easy to sip and enjoy while relaxing. 


Spices return, soft, cooked apples. quite lip smacking, but very fast in fading away. 

Adding water. 

Think water may murder this, so only a minuscule amount added. Spices have been reduced on the nose for a more floral lavender and oaky replacement. The palate has more fruit juices and a little less bite with the sweetness dialled down a notch, and a touch more tartiness to the fruit. The finish is a little longer with more of a fruity retreat. Water is good for this whisky. 


A very straightforward whisky. Not immensely complex, but good enough at what it does, it’s tasty, easily drinkable and I wouldn’t ever refuse a glass. I can see whiling away an evening with this dram quite easily. I think it’s reasonably priced, but availability seems an issue as I write this review. Will update when it becomes more widely available. 

Much thanks to Deveron for the review sample