Whisky Review – Deveron 18 year old

Deveron 18 year old

40% ABV

Around £65 a bottle 


Located where the river meets the sea, Macduff distillery sits near the mouth of the river Deveron, shortly before it’s cool waters join the restless surge of the North Sea. Sheltered from the worst of the Seaboard storms and winter winds, this tranquil spot has seen the creation of the Deveron whisky for many a decade. 

Emanating from five small copper pot stills, and unusual horizontal condensers that gently coax extra character from the spirit, the Deveron is an approachable dram which has a tang of coastal air about it. The distillery is set up for an light, fruity spirit that’s replete with Apple tones and nutty notes. 

The new expressions of the Deveron 12-year-old and 18-year-old have never been released before now and will be available from October 2015. There is also a 10-year-old expression which is only available in the French markets. 

Let’s have a taste!


On first pour there is a lovely depth to the honey sweetness. Creme caramel. Soft, smooth vanilla. Cake icing. Vanilla sponge with a touch of jam. Lots of fresh cream. With a little time more spiciness comes to the fore, much like the 12 year old there is cinnamon, pepper, but this time a touch of clove. The spices are more subdued behind the fruity sweetness, and this us a highly sniffable dram. Some more perfumed floral notes are coming through and some buttered brown toast. 


A lovely honey rich sweet arrival. Quite oily and mouth coating considering the presentation. Waves of fruity jam come in the development, with some tarty citrus tickling the side of the tongue. The spices are very well integrated with the fruit. The balance on this whisky is remarkable. Gently spiced honey rounds thing off very nicely. 


Sweet honey, some soft cinnamon, and touches of creamy cake goodness remain for a medium length finish. A touch of waxiness at the very finish. Quite delicious. 

Adding water. 

Only a minuscule amount added. I don’t want to ruin this experience. There is a touch of drier nuttiness to the nose now, but the honey depths are still ever present. The palate has some added spiciness and a little dryness creeping into the development. The finish has some slight oak added. While I don’t think water necessarily degrades this whisky I prefer it without. 


This is a lovely whisky. It’s a little younger in the drinking than you would normally find for an 18 year old whisky, but it is very very nice, easy, warming, soothing stuff, and I therefore recommend. Price wise it’s at the average for this age and presentation, but I would have dearly loved to have tried this whisky with a little higher ABV and non chill filtration. 

Much thanks to Deveron for the review sample

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