Whisky Review – Glenmorangie – A Midwinter Night’s Dram 

Glenmorangie – A Midwinter Night’s Dram 

43% ABV

£40 exclusively from Sainsbury’s

Glenmorangie – A Midwinter Night’s dram is an exclusive bottling to Glenmorangie and Sainsbury’s. Bottled at 43%, chill filtered, this expression has been matured in ex bourbon casks and extra-matured (finished) in Oloroso sherry casks of the type famously used for the maturation of Lasanta. Now I’m not sure if that means it’s essentially younger Lasanta or if it’s a marriage of whisky made up from packages which have been matured in ex bourbon and packages extra matured in Oloroso. It’s a little confusing, but let’s have a taste because that’s the best way to see what it’s really like. 


On first pour we have an baked apple and orange citrus rich fruit blast, a good pinch of pepper and ginger. A little wood glue. Some clove. Vanilla pod. There’s an undertone of juicy fruit chewing gum freshly chewed upon. Hints of toasted oak, with some pinewood green freshness. With time in the glass the greener notes dissipate and there is a lovely fruit jamminess along with a light Christmas cake note coming through.


A gentle, sweetish but more sour and dry arrival, becoming quite toffeed during the development, with some wood sour, ginger, mixed berry jam, some burnt caramel. Toffee apples. Charred oak. Some very light cherry stones and nuttiness. 


Nutty, drying, ginger and spiced caramel. A remaining lingering lick of apple juice. 

Adding water. 

A small splash added. The nose has a little more Christmas spiciness about it now. With some enhanced Christmas cake. Juicier fruits, and a little cherry. The palate is also fruitier with more of a balance and range of fruits throughout the developments. Much more Christmassy. The finish also, juicier, much improved. This dram appreciates with a splash of water. 


As a Christmas gift of whisky to a loved one I think this works reasonably well, it’s a variation on the Glenmorangie theme, and people wanting to try something a little different to their usual 10 year old may appreciate the change. Personally (and this maybe just me), I find the 10 year old so good, i would much rather have it over this expression. I would of course rather have the Quinta Ruban as well and the Nectar D’or. They are both stunning Glenmorangie expressions and really enhance on the 10 year old. Just saying. 

Much thanks to Glenmorangie for the review sample

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