Armagnac Review – Janneau VSOP

Janneau VSOP

40% ABV

£29.33 from Master of Malt

Day 2 of my Armagnac Advent Calendar has brought another new experience my way. Let’s quit the chatter and get to the savour. 

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Herbal. Medicinal. Cough sweets. Fennel. Sugarcane, there’s something quite raw about the sweetness in this, almost includes the paper/box the sugar came in. Broad beans. Very green vegetal notes. Quite funky and very different to what I’m used to in a spirit. But this is all new ground for me. Brazil nut shells. 


Gently sweet arrival with a light mouthfeel. Followed quickly with some chewy caramel and lashings of dissolved brown sugar. Warmth of alcohol comes forward in a refined and careful manner. Tasty sugars and some fennel and green notes start poking through now with some drier oak at the back of the tongue. 


The herbal and vegetal notes on the nose come through in the finish with some broad bean stem and fresh fennel. Sugars die out with some oak tannins and a dryness at the very end   


This Armagnac is probably not for me, the vegetal nature doesn’t suit my palate so well, but you may like it. It’s still very drinkable, it just feels a little wrong. Maybe it’s me! If it sounds good to you then check it out. This is what drinks by the dram and the likes of these advent calendars and tasting sets are all about though. Trying something new, different and finding your new obsessions and likes. 

Thanks to Drinks by the Dram for the awesome advent calendar. I am going to blissfully enjoy the next 23 new Armagnac Adventures.