Whisky Review – English Whisky Classic TWE Exclusive

English Whisky Classic TWE Exclusive

55.4% ABV

Non chill filtered

No Added Colouring

270 bottles

£59.95 from The Whisky Exchange


The red telephone box has adorned the streets of England since 1926, becoming an iconic sight across the country. As time has moved on, most of them have vanished, with the few remaining saved for posterity through private ownership. 

In 2006, the Nelstrop Family revived the tradition of whisky-making in England, something all but lost for over 100 years. As the phone box set the standard for telecommunication, so will their whisky for spirits in this new era of English distilling.

Ok, phone box is cool. How’s the whisky? Sip on!


First sniff gives a bright, crisp lemon sherbert aroma, with some fresh vanilla ice cream. There’s quite the powdered sugar dust up your nose effect with deeper sniffs, but it’s also quite high in ABV so be careful with the deep sniffing. With a little time the vanilla turns more towards creamy coconut flesh. Egg custard tarts! Completely! Shortcrust pastry with the creamy vanilla egg custard center and nutmeg adorning the top. 


Thick and creamy vanilla arrival. Victoria sponge cake, minimalistic on the strawberry jam, but it’s there slightly. The mouthfeel is velvety and fulfilling. There’s a nip from the high ABV, then things turn towards the vanilla sponge cake again, fresh cream, nutmeg, a touch of lemon juice. A touch of herbal in the late development with some bitter chocolate and liquorice. 


The cakes become more citrus and juicy as things fade over a medium-long duration. Herbal notes return at the end with a touch of dried, charred oak at the finale. 

Adding water. 

A splash of water really breaks down the barriers of the high alcohol content, so you can really get your nose in there! There is more fruit presence on the nose now, some candied apples, and lemon bonbons. There’s more sweet shop effect, but at the same time the cake is still very present. The palate, while having lost only a little less in the mouthfeel, is also far more accessible, with lush, deep custard tart vanilla’s and cream. Some apple jam, and a touch of added sweeter liquorice. The finish is not as dry, creamy sweetness continues through the finish. Water makes this dram! And it can take a fair drop, but go a small splash at a time. 


I have no idea how old this whisky is, but I can guarantee it tastes older than it is. It’s a very clean a crisp dram, full of lovely desert custard based delights. Thoroughly drinkable. 

Many thanks to The Whisky Exchange for the review sample