Whisky Review – Octomore 7.3 @bruichladdich

Octomore 7.3

63% ABV

Non chill filtered

No Added Colouring

£165 from Bruichladdich
Needs no introduction. It’s Bruichladdich. It’s Octomore. Experience time. 


Scorched toffee malt! The first sniff is very sweet and toffee/werthers like, creamy, rich, with a barley malty backing. It doesn’t take too long and here comes the smoke. Oh yeah baby! Sorry. This dram always has me run away with myself. No exception here. Slow smoke roasted, heavily sticky glazed full rack of ribs. Still engulfed with smoke from the smoker. This is meaty. Sweet. Smokey. All dialled up to 11. No. 14. There a herbal background hinting at heather blooming fields near the sea. The smoke is a fair balance of medicinal and autumnal bonfires. Some drier straw and liquorice notes are now coming through the smokey haze. A little more time and the sweetness dies down a little and we have some nuttiness coming through, toasted walnuts. This is a lovely, complex, smokey beast of a dram. 


Sweet for a fraction of a second then a boom of alcohol hits, subsides quite quickly and we have loads of sweetness, one of the thickest mouthfeels ever (it practically coagulates in a good way!). Lots of earthy moss, sweet grass, a backdrop of barley sugar. Smoke with a mini sip half way through rotating around the mouth. Cigar ash. Some sticking plaster. Antiseptic. Tar. It all doesn’t sound that great to the layman, but bung it all together and you have that Octomore experience which is second to none. 


A long long length medicinal finish. Intense. Dry treacle. Vanilla. Lots of smoke/ash/hospital antiseptic in the back of the throat. A warming deep in the belly and a smile on the face. Becoming surprisingly sip-able at full strength. Finish is still ongoing and now has remnants of heavily charred burnt ends. Hmmmmmm burnt ends (for those not into barbecue that’s the burnt ends of a long, slow smoked brisket. Very very flavoursome meat!). 

Adding water. 

A good splash added. The nose has become far more herbal now with intensive aniseed leading the way. Smoke is concentrated in the medicinal range. All very big and intensive. The palate is a lot more accessible now the alcohol nip is receded, and there is absolutely buckets of flavour here. The glazed ribs are coming through, lots of sweetness, sugar encrusted, honey glazed meatilicious. Sweet biscuity malt, shortbread, vanilla extract, treacle toffee, herbal lozenges, sweet and sour chicken. It’s got something of everything. Immensely complex. The finish is sweet, delicious, warming low down and just blissful. Water. It’s a must for this dram, but will loose a little smoke on the nose for it. The palate is just amazing watered though. 


The Octomore Experience. It’s epic. It’s intense. Delicious. And most importantly. Fun. Love love love it. Always. I’d say have it with a BBQ. But have it instead of a BBQ. 

Many thanks to Bruichladdich for the review sample