Armagnac Review – Darroze Les Grande Assemblages – 8 year old

Darroze Les Grande Assemblages – 8 year old

43% ABV

£50.33 from Master of Malt

Day 4 of my Armagnac Advent Calendar. Loving this!

Read more on the Armagnac Advent Calendar and other Calendars (still available with time to catch up!) here


Fruity and bright. Some very prominent cream sherry likeness. With a punchy youthful backing. Lots of prunes and screwed plums. There’s a touch of acetone, quite reminiscent of a much older intensely sherry matured scotch. Soft caramel sweet richness. Touch of honeycomb and chocolatey in nature. Nice stuff. 


The punchy youthfulness comes through on the palate, there’s quite a eu de vie note to this, quite young and spirtful. Not in a bad way, in a different way. Lots of young grapes, apples and fruitiness. Some drier, bitter oak twang. The sweetness from the nose isn’t as prominent. There’s a nice oily mouthfeel to the juicy fruit. 


Medium to long in length. Alcohol is quite raw. Apple skin, fresh Apple flesh, some grape skin, a little caramel soaked oak. Towards the end there is a little more soft Cadbury caramel bad thing going on. Very pleasant. 


I’m still only 6 Armagnacs into my Armagnac journey (a couple a long time ago), so I’m assuming this is probably the first really young (in profile) one I’ve tried, as it seems to me quite a sprit driven experience. Nothing wrong with that, but I may have been spoiled with previous drams. This is good, but in my limited experience and opinion, it’s a bit expensive for the experience. 

Thanks to Drinks by the Dram for the awesome advent calendar. I am going to blissfully enjoy the new Armagnac Adventures. 

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