Whisky Review – Hyde Presidents Cask 10 year old No 2. (Rum Cask) @HydeWhiskey

Hyde Presidents Cask 10 year old No 2. (Rum Cask)

46% ABV

Non chill filtered

£??.?? from ??? – not quite available yet will update soon expected to be ~£55-60/€70

I thoroughly enjoyed the Hyde 10 year old (see my review here), so I’m really happy be able to try their latest offering. It’s the ten year old finished in some dark rum casks from the Caribbean. 


Mushy tropical fruits and bubblegum are my first sniffing impressions. Anglo bubblegum. Soft yellow melon. Mango. Lemon rind. Oranges in wooden crates. There’s a ‘dusty’ note to the nose. Toffee sauce. A bit of dunnage warehouse about it. A little bit of time and hints of Demerara sugar. The fruity notes get deeper as time goes by. Banana foams, strawberry laces, marshmallow, candy cigarettes. It’s just as much of a sweet shop as I remember from the standard 10 year old, but with a little added sweetness and depth. A little more time and delving and there is a rather lovely toasted sugar note, like the topping on a good brûlée. 


Oh my word that’s a lot of fruit. Complex fruit. Tonnes of it, and creamy. It’s a tropical fruit salad in syrup with single cream. Bananas by the bucket, mango, orange, some marshmallow melted over the lot and then toasted. Fruity jelly belly beans. Soft fruit jellies Nan would always bring at Christmas. A touch of sweet cinnamon dusted over. The mouthfeel is very thick and coating. A little more time and more honey comes through, very thick, sweet, delicious with all the fruit swimming in it. 


Medium to long in length and more sweet delights. That topping from the Creme brûlée, crunchy, sweet toffeed sugar coating. Loads of rich honeycomb, a touch of chocolate. A slight rummy note on the exhale. 

Adding water. 

After a few drops have settled in the dram the nose becomes more chocolatey, fattening, pudding like. The toffee sauce gets richer and adds some brandy cream into the brûlée. The palate, while slightly less coating, is full of fruity flavours, the tropical fruit hubba bubba is in full effect. The finish has more fruit now, alongside the crispy sugar coating. 


This is another beautifully sweet-tooth focuses whiskey. I love it! Is it better than the standard 10 year old, I don’t really know, I would have to do a side by side, but I like this just as much from memory. This is a dram to sit back and enjoy after a lovely meal instead of desert. With this whiskey, you don’t need no desert! 

Many thanks to Hyde for the review sample